Great Hellas



I am ending the updates to this blog. Great Hellas will remain online for future reference, but my efforts are now aimed at educating the common Hellene in his and her language. Change in their mentality is of utmost importance at this point in time. This is only possible if they can understand the language in which articles are written.

I urge all those who know Hellenes back in the πατρίδα, who enjoy the craft of writing and hold patriotic ideals, to start their own blogs in Ελληνίκα. It is important that they do. Hellas will eventually bridge the digital divide with other European countries. Many more Hellenes will have internet in their homes within the next 3-7 years. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that enthusiastic patriots are online and ready to take on the eventual globalist attempt to manipulate the Hellenic mind through the net for their own sinsiter purposes.