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On the Misery of the Hellenic Government

Hellenic Front has updated its English site to include a very wise article on Hellenic foreign policy and why we should not be suprised in its ineffectivness since nothing else in the country works. (link) Here is an excerpt:

What kind of education system are we talking about? An education system in which Greek history is sacrificed on the altar of smoothing down our differences with our neighbors? All this at a time when leading figures of the far-Left are board members in the Teachers Union.

What education are we talking about when we translate the works of Papadiamandis into demotic Greek from katharevousa Greek, because today’s Greeks have trouble understanding katharevousa, as if it is a foreign language? At the same time modern Greek seats in universities abroad are in serious decline due to a lack of funding, since we can find funds for the cash-strapped and cumbersome state-run companies, but not for promoting Hellenic culture and civilization.


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