Great Hellas


Tassos Akritas

Cyprus is blessed with a leader like His Excellency Tassos Papadopoulos. This latest revelation only goes to verify that Cyrus is ruled by a man who has acted in the past to ensure that Cyprus' liberty is preserved. Today, he continues to do so. For this, all Hellenes should look towards the Cypriots as an example of what kind of person to choose as their leader. I'll let the Cypriots reaction to a possible Turkish invasion highlight that if the Cypriot model for dealing with the Turks then had been implemented when the invasion did come, Cyprus would not be split today.

According to the book, the following reveals the message from Papadopulous who was then the minister of labor and vice-president of the Akritas [border guards] organization: "If the Turkish fleet violates the 12-mile border, we will consider this as the start of the occupation. According to our calculations, this gives us 75 minutes to defend ourselves and to wipeout Turkish Cypriots. We have all the plans and opportunities to do that."
Deal with the Turks, as they have dealt and deal with you.


  • At 6:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "if the Cypriot model for dealing with the Turks then had been implemented when the invasion did come, Cyprus would not be split today"

    The Akritas Plan was put into action - do not pretend it wasn't - it just failed. Cyprus is split today because the Akritas Plan was made effective.

    It's first failure is that we are even talking about it - let's not forget whole sections of the document were devoted to stressing how important it was that these vile plans never, ever leak - that it be destroyed and it's methods conveyed by word of mouth. It's second failure was that there was indeed an intervention - the Greeks were fully aware that what they were doing warranted an intervention and therefore had to be kept secret - so it is a bit silly now to complain that the intervention did indeed come.

    Cyprus is split today because of the final push in 1974 of the Greeks to kill the Turks, as evidenced by the Iphestos files (see: The Genocide Files, by Scott) and the resulting intervention after 11 years of warning the Greeks to stop.

    It is split today because the Greeks, under the leadership of Tessas, refused to make peace in 2004 - moreover, they refused to even respond to Annan's request to a report of what they objected to about the plan.

    The basic reason Cyprus is split is because Greek Cypriots did not want to be Cypriots - they wanted to get rid of all the Turks and be a part of Greece. The ultra-nationalistist/hellenistic desire for Enosis (unification of Greece and Cyprus, and explicitly illegal under the constitution of Cyprus) is the reason why Cyprus is split.

    Your desperate attempt to make something noble out of written evidence that your leader is a genocidal nazi is a rather sad glimpse into the mind of the kind of people that continue to vote for his party and increase his sizable majority.

    Anybody who doubts any of the points presented above is urged to do their own research. Do look up Enosis. Do loop up Akritas Plan. Do look up Iphestos Files. is a good starting place - a collection of essays and memoirs by ambassadors, journalists, historians etc.

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