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Russia and Turkey

I recently read a report in the Kathimerini daily that claimed that since Turkey and Russia both actedlike Imperial states (Ottoman and Soviet respectivley) they would become closer allies in the future. A comment left by anonymous also claimed something to the contrary, but used a different example to support his claim.
I am a proponent of the opposite view, which is, because Russia and Turkey are acting like Imperial states, they are bound to clash. Already, some tension is rising (link) over genocides. Further reasons are the clash between Orthodoxy and Turkey in general (Halki, Moscow as Third Rome, etc). An addition to these sores is Cyprus, which the Mafya uses as a center for money laudering. This too will prevent Russia and Turkey from becoming Imperial chums. Finally, if Russia and Turkey were becoming friendly, then why would Russia choose to build a pipeline through Bulgaria to Alexandropolis instead of negotiating the tariffs with the Turks. Perhaps they realize that their relations with Turkey at the moment might look better than in the past, but the future estimate is shakey.


  • At 6:11 PM, Blogger BallAndDust said…

    As the Bosporus is a "choke point" (as recognized here: oil will definitely continue to drive a wedge between the Russians and the Turks:

  • At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Look, the whole issue here is power. No allies have always been close with each other. But Turkey and Russia have mutual benefits. In other words, the pipeline, which dwarfs the Bulgaria/Greece one by many factors, benefits both. Turkey will get money, Russia's companies can transport oil cheaper through that pipeline, and avoid the deathtrap that the bosphorus has become.

    What Greece has is absolutely no leverage on the area. It's not only the fault of the politicians, but also the Greek people who have become inane and inept, and allowed the country to fall to this state.

    Case in point, the Greeks who study in Boston. "The Americans are idiots," most of them regularly say. Really? Well those Americans have produced the strongest country in the world, something those pseudo-Greeks have not done in 1000 years. The children of the elite are corrupt, the future doesn't bode well...

    And the time of Europe in general is over. It is corrupt, falling apart, Edmund Burke said it was occuring 250 years or so ago, but we are seeing it before our eyes.

    To kandili tis Amerikis omos, exei akoma ladi.

  • At 3:04 PM, Blogger BallAndDust said…

    Yes, the issue is power and influence. Oil is a strategic resource and being able to manipulate its flow is a form of power that the Turks are using to their greatest advantage.

    Russia and Turkey have been traditionally enemies. That changed with the Bolsheviks and the Kemalists where they agreed to divide up Armenia between them.

    With regards to Americans, they are idiots in political and historical.

    I grew up and live in the Seattle. The American public school system is a complete joke (I remember when one of the top students in the class could not find Israel on the map!). The university system is quite good however (which is where American students have to catch up on the fundamentals of math and science with the rest of the world).

    Americans are also more uninformed than in the past. Previously, the media was more regulated in terms of how many media outlets could be controlled by a corporation. This ended under Reagan, and the effects has been disastrous (a great example is CNN after Ted Turner sold it). Today, American media is owned by just a few corporations with largely the same things being reported.

    Though uninformed about what happens in the world, Americans are very good at developing technology. This country is immensely rich in natural resources and has not experienced the destruction of two world wars in the previous century.

    However, due to the fact that Americans are so politically gullible, America will most certainly decline (my guess is this century). Why do I say this?

    Well, when President Lincoln gave the Emancipation Proclamation during the American Civil War, he said the "government of the people, by the people, for the people..."

    That phrase has changed. It is now a "government of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation." A fair number of Americans do realize this, but the majority does not (probably the same ones that think the US invaded Iraq to establish democracy - what an unfunny joke). Few manufacturing jobs exist in the US, and information technology jobs are disappearing as well. Basic industries that are required for national security, such as steel and oil refinement are being moved overseas. This is done to simply increase the profits of the corporations who donate to the campaigns of the politicians who turn a blind eye on the erosion of quality of life in this country.

    Maybe this is an oversimplification, but the whole outsourcing phenomenon boils down to this: you either maximize the profits for the shareholders, distribute less wealth inside of the country, and weaken your country in terms of its future abilities to defend itself; or the shareholders (i.e., the very wealthy) will have to accept smaller profits in order to maintain a higher quality of life for the average citizen and maintain the country's strength and ability to defend itself.

    The following statement is incredibly idealistic. But the purpose of a government is to protect its citizens and help them maintain the highest quality of life that it can. Of course, a government that actually does this does not exist, but the American government is truly egregious in this department.

    What is fairly certain is the rise of China as the dominate superpower. Unfortunately, the US does not realize how its unpopular actions are fueling the rest of the world to assist China in a futile attempt to balance the power and influence of the US.

    Though the US has not been exactly a benevolent superpower, I do expect China to be far worse. A handful of American students were shot at Kent State for protesting the Vietname War, and there was a tremendous outcry. What repercussions has the Chinese government endured for BURNING TO DEATH its students at Tiannamen Squire?

    With its human rights abuses that make Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay look like childs play, how will the Sleeping Dragon be expected to behave in the world stage when it finally awakens?

    The American candle does still have some oil, but the Chinese one is being filled and has not yet been lit.


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