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Patriotc Forgery

I had once endorsed the website of "O.E.A." in a post. Well, I take it back. This group of self-described "Patriots" are nothing more than an attempt to divide Hellenic patriots movements in half. Some reasons why I do not recommend that people view this without their filters on alert:

  • They advertise the Communist rag "Rizospastis."
  • They attack the LA.O.S. party as an anti-Hellenic movement (!)
  • They advertise many New Age publicationst that have infiltrated the print market in Hellas such as Strange, Trito Mati, etc.

All these reasons make me suspicious of their aims and objectives.

It makes no sense how these people can claim that LA.O.S is anti-Hellenic whentheir leader Karatzaferis is asking many pertinent questions in the Europarliament. The burden of proof is on them since they are not doing more than slandering him on unsupported evidence.

Their claim of being Orthodox are merely there to fool the people who are patriots and are dazzled by their well designed site. It is not possible to be Orthodox and advertise New Age publications AND communist ones at that.

It had happend before, and it appear to be happening again. All of the sudden many Patriotic groups could emerge to split the patriotic vote up and ensure that there is no party that can claim the #% minimum to get into parliament.

Also notice how the Hellenic Front and LA.O.S. have now teamed up to assure that the vote is not split. What purpose could the O.E.A serve when trying to cast suspicion on the genuine Patriots?


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