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It took our ancient ancestors about 10-15 years to build the Parthenon from scratch. Without modern transportation systems to carry the marble from Pendeli to the center of Athens. Without power drills to take the marble out from the mountain. Without a single modern electric tool, the Parthenon, surrounding temples, and a giant statue of Athena Pallas covered in gold were built in 10-15 years. That was the monument our ancient ancestors built, and the modern government cannot restore.

In the Modern Era, there has been an effort to restore this wonder of Helleneism since 1975. Now, Kathimerini reports (here) that it will take another 16 years to complete, and that the government has no money (4.4 million a year) and will seek private sponsors. That's what happens when Hellenes do not run the country. The quisling government in power now and in the past robs the bank, siphons the money off to Switzerland, and as this commentary rightly states, has no problem writing off soccer debts. Hellas' culture past and present suffers.

However, the commentary also says that the Parthenon "belongs to the world." NO. It belongs to Hellenes. It was our ancestors, whether slaves or craftsment, who built this marvel and not some British persons ancient relative. The world is invited to visit it, but they cannot claim it as part of their heritage unless they take up the tenets of Helleneism.

Further, the commentary says that we should set up a private fund to get cash from the Hellenic citizen. Here is an idea, have the Papandreou, Chant, Venizelos, etc families donate the money they stole from the taxpayers. It makes no sense to require the victim of theft to be asked to donate money to help restore the Parthenon.

On this note, investment in digging up and preserving the ancient marvels that are locked between layers of soil would be a much better investment than digging a soccer club out of debt. Tourists would flock to the country. Further, finding private investors to develop a first class tourist infrastructure would retain a continuous flow of tourists. When American, British, French, German, etc school children learn about Hellas, they learn about the ancient world. Imagine what a thrill they would get if they had the opportunity to visit the ruins restored professionaly! There would be a steady stream of tourists each year coming in the summer to Hellas and enjoying it instead of moaning about what a miserable country it is and how they saw what they saw and wil never come back.

Beyond the Parthenon, how about restoring Mystras and other Byzantine monuments. Why must we focus on the Pre-Christian Hellenes? That is a topic for another post...


  • At 11:40 PM, Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said…

    Too many Greeks have an over-inflated perspective on how much the world thinks of the Parthenon. american schoolchildren and most Westrn schoolchildren are taught absolutely nothing about the Parthenon and would not evn be able o place it in context. These days, the cultures of Africa or Israel are more , far more important to the West.

    Greeks can claim this as their own, but should stop thinking that the West cares at all.

  • At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Ionios Dorikos said…

    Actually, almost all public schools in America in the 6th or 7th grade have a month long section on Greco-Roman antiquity. There does remain a strong interest in the classics. However, you are right in noting that African, Indian, Chineese, etc. history is being taught, but the influence of the Hellenes is still taught as one of the greatest contributions to humanity.

    Private schools, especially the elite one, still have a great emphasis on the Classics in their education, and students there are required to learn either Ancient Ellinika or Latin. Now, we are talking about Groton, Phelps, and Andover. Other private schools too have the Classics deep at heart, but I am not 100% certain if they are required to learn Classical languages.

    So, Hellas remains a place that is mystical for the typical American. The West does care, but the Hellenic government fails to see this. \

    Fortunatley, LA.O.S. and its leader Karadzaferis does, and exploits Hellenism in his many speeches in front of the Europarliament.

  • At 10:14 PM, Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said…

    The Classics were imperative to a Westerner's education pre-1960s , most Universtities in America even required a fine grasp of classical Greek and Latin prior to the 1960s.

    In today's America , that is no longer the case. Most high schools and elementary schools are slavishly devoted to their state boards of higher education. In New York State, the classics are re-interepreted and regurgitated according to the prevailing culutral ethos.

    Regardless, even when the West was well-schooled in classics , especially at its elite levels, it did not stop the West from adiign Greece's enemies and even in its complicity in widescale massacres and Holocausts of Hellenes. Any student of the Western role in the Asia Minor debalce or the Cyprus tragedy will see how those Westerners with a fine education in the classics coupled this with a hatred of any live Greeks. In retrospect , thee Western obssession with Greece's distant past can be seen as the root motive behind the massive theft and pilfering of Greek cultural relics to be found in the grand museums of Berlin,London, Paris and New York and many other minor and major prinicipalities.

    Karatzaferis does in clude the oft repeated cliche that Greece "gave the flame to Western civilization" in his party programme. The only effect this will have on taday's West is to palce blame fro African slavery ofr "the Holocaust" squarely on Greece's shoulders.

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