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Recently in Athens, there a gathering of Armenian protestors burned the Turkish flag in front of the Turkish embassy in Athens. What I noticed is that there was not protest by the International Leftist parties of Greece against the flag burning. These members of the globalized left bonded with their Armenian brothers without any hesitation.

Now, assume there had been a protest, held by Hellenes, against Turkey. Further assume that was such a protest was directed against the Turkish expansionist claims in the Aegean, the casus belli, denial of the Hellenic genocide in Asia Minor, constant violations of airspace and territorial waters by the Turkish military, and the occupation of the Northern part of Cyprus (boy does it seem that Hellenes have a lot to compain about regarding the Mongols). I do not think that even one member of the Left International would feel bonded with such noble patriotic causes. Instead, the left would condemn the Hellenes protesting for their national interest, and claim that the "Aegean is for the fish"...

This is the character of the globalized left in Hellas. They do not care about Hellenes. They hate them now as they did in the War Against Communist Agression in the 1940's. Today, these leftists are there to protect the interests of non-Hellenes in Hellas and their human rights. The rights of citizenship are damned by them.

The reasons for why these villains exist is quite obvious. With the fall of the Soviet Union, all the men and women who relied on the COMINTERN for food and clothing must have been feeling poor and hungry. Woe and behold, a new ideology sprang up that looked down upon the Nation, and embraced a globalized culture. This is perfect for the countryless who now take orders from Washington instead of Moscow.


  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said…

    One major reason why the Armenians have it good with the International Left is because the main Armenian political group that agitates internationally is itself part of the International Left. The Dashnak Armenian party , which is very active in Athens and is said to hold its major back accounts in Athens , was a long time member of the now archaic Comintern.

    Ties that bind are also ties that blind, to coin an old cliche adage.

  • At 1:07 PM, Blogger Ionios Dorikos said…

    Didn't know that, but it explains a lot.

  • At 7:59 AM, Anonymous slsplb said…

    Yes I agree in everything you say, in a recent visit to Greece, after 60 years of absence, I felt incredibly out of place. My general impression is that the majority of Hellenes I interacted with were either crypto communists or leaning toward leftist concepts,ideas ,and policies which are anti hellene and anti national. What a disillusionment to return to the homeland after 6 decades and find it the way it is.


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