Great Hellas


The Horror

I am horrified that the noble men who defaced the Turkish flag are being sough out in an investigation. Although better pranks might have been done. It would have been very enjoyable to have heard that these men had defecated on a poster of Krazy Kemal Ataturk and then lit that on fire, videotaped the scene made, and then posted it online for all to see how angry Turks get when their genocidal idol is defaced. Anyhow, at least this is a signal that not everyone in the Hellenic armed forces like being peetrated by Turkophiles. The general staff should reconsider their apology in light of Erdogans latest words of hate and expansionism against Hellas.


  • At 1:30 PM, Blogger BallAndDust said…

    Its really amazing how the Greek Neville Chamberlains continue to appease the Turks.

    I wonder what sort of pressure the powers of the EU (Great Britain, France, and Germany) and the US must be putting on the Greek government.

  • At 7:12 PM, Blogger Ionios Dorikos said…

    I'd say the preassure is economic. I would respect the government more if they came clean with the public and told them that the country is heavily in debt, and they must act in ways that their masters tell them or else there will be an economic crisis.


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