Great Hellas


Burn the Turkish Flag!

This article points to some serious psychopathy in the Hellenic government. Some Hellenes play a prank by defacing the Turkish flag, and now the Turks are warning the Hellenes that this could result in the reconsideration of the "friendship" between the two countries. The Hellenic government on the other hand does not even dare to reconsider its friendly stance towards the "blight of Asia" whilst Turkish flying carpets violate Hellenic airspace. They continue on the path of rapprochement (new word for appeasement) by allowing the Turks to think that their expansionist politics in the Aegean will work.

The Hellenic government's stance will lead to war in the same way the Chamberlain's stance towards the Nazi's led to war. Too bad Hellas has no Churchill waiting on the sidelines.


  • At 1:27 AM, Anonymous slsplb said…

    Thank God we don't have a wrecker like Churchill, witness the condition and plight of England today versus what England was prior to Churchill's completion of his duties, a large Empire reduced to a spot on the map with its indigenous population losing its culture and living space.


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