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Anarchy in Hellas

From Kathimerini:

Anarchist mob
A small gang of suspected anarchist youths rampaged through Exarchia in central Athens early on Sunday, throwing Molotov cocktails and damaging five parked cars, police said. There were no injuries or arrests.
My question is, where are the fighers of the Right. The "Golden Dawn"? Their members probably constitute the only force capable of dealing with the threat from the left is too tied up in its neo-Nazi ideology to help Hellas out with this mess.
They too, I suspect, are part of the many "international" movements against Hellas that seek to usurp the traditional right into their lunatic fringe. It is our mission as rightists to A) save the Rightists from the neo-Nazi threat, and B) reclaim our boys from the neo-Nazis, organize them under the arm of the police force, and unleash them on the left who have gone crazy without a formidable force to oppose them.

A much more peaceful solution would be to just arrest ALL of the leftist/anarchists and toss them in jail until they repent their sins. Of course, the police force is still being ruled by PASOK while New Democracy governs the country. Therefore, not a hair on the chiny chin chin of these psychotic anarchists was or will be harmed.


  • At 11:00 PM, Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said…

    What use would there be to making a neo-Nazi group dissolve and re-organize under the police force. After all, the current police force is merely a docile servant of the ruling order, this would make their cooperation with any so-called neo-nazis anathema to their mission to protect the current ruling class of Greece which is anything but "neo-nazi"

    If anything, the major reason why the police cannot and/or will not "do something" to stop anarchism is because Leftist movements are not a threat to the existing order, the police may change their attitude towards cracking down on riots if a so-called "neo-nazi" or any other anti-left or anti-establishment group were to riot.

  • At 1:25 PM, Blogger Ionios Dorikos said…

    I did not make myself clear then. Re-organize, but not the whole police force. There are elements within the force who consider those in power to be radical traitors. So, what I am suggesting is having these men train the reformed Patriots (former neo-Nazi's), provide them with intelligence on the leftists, and have the Patriots act in an organized rational manner to defend Hellas from the Globalist threat.

    Example of how these people can be used so that they cannot be villified in the press:

    When leftists march around Athens chanting their slogans and making a mess out of downtown Athens have one group of Patriot with clubs break the arms of those leftists who dare put graffiti on any buildings or smash shop windows. Make sure that there is at least one Patriot recording this for realease to the press. In such a scene the police could be in communication with the arm breakers who would report where so and so leftist is writing on the wall and then the Patriots could use a side street to quickly and painfuly break the Leftists arm.

    Then have the more timid Patriots march up to the graffiti chanting their slogan and holding their banner high after the leftist march is over, and have them clean up the leftist mess while trying to get the average citizen off the stree to help with the clean up.

    Just one of many possible courses of action that might just make the left seem as the bigger threat in the eyes of the masses. THe arm breaking will make them think twice before spraying, and the clean up will show that these are not fanatics, but people who actually care about their country.

  • At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ioannis dude I know a Golden Dawn comrade trust me these LEFTIST commies get theirs TRUST me

  • At 5:57 PM, Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said…


    What do you have against Nazis?

    If the Nazis finished their job in Greece, then we would have no leftists and no Jews.

    Neo-Nazi's just do not live up to the Nazi name.

    You cannot fault them for trying.

    --Hellenic Nationalist


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