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Tassos Akritas

Cyprus is blessed with a leader like His Excellency Tassos Papadopoulos. This latest revelation only goes to verify that Cyrus is ruled by a man who has acted in the past to ensure that Cyprus' liberty is preserved. Today, he continues to do so. For this, all Hellenes should look towards the Cypriots as an example of what kind of person to choose as their leader. I'll let the Cypriots reaction to a possible Turkish invasion highlight that if the Cypriot model for dealing with the Turks then had been implemented when the invasion did come, Cyprus would not be split today.

According to the book, the following reveals the message from Papadopulous who was then the minister of labor and vice-president of the Akritas [border guards] organization: "If the Turkish fleet violates the 12-mile border, we will consider this as the start of the occupation. According to our calculations, this gives us 75 minutes to defend ourselves and to wipeout Turkish Cypriots. We have all the plans and opportunities to do that."
Deal with the Turks, as they have dealt and deal with you.



It took our ancient ancestors about 10-15 years to build the Parthenon from scratch. Without modern transportation systems to carry the marble from Pendeli to the center of Athens. Without power drills to take the marble out from the mountain. Without a single modern electric tool, the Parthenon, surrounding temples, and a giant statue of Athena Pallas covered in gold were built in 10-15 years. That was the monument our ancient ancestors built, and the modern government cannot restore.

In the Modern Era, there has been an effort to restore this wonder of Helleneism since 1975. Now, Kathimerini reports (here) that it will take another 16 years to complete, and that the government has no money (4.4 million a year) and will seek private sponsors. That's what happens when Hellenes do not run the country. The quisling government in power now and in the past robs the bank, siphons the money off to Switzerland, and as this commentary rightly states, has no problem writing off soccer debts. Hellas' culture past and present suffers.

However, the commentary also says that the Parthenon "belongs to the world." NO. It belongs to Hellenes. It was our ancestors, whether slaves or craftsment, who built this marvel and not some British persons ancient relative. The world is invited to visit it, but they cannot claim it as part of their heritage unless they take up the tenets of Helleneism.

Further, the commentary says that we should set up a private fund to get cash from the Hellenic citizen. Here is an idea, have the Papandreou, Chant, Venizelos, etc families donate the money they stole from the taxpayers. It makes no sense to require the victim of theft to be asked to donate money to help restore the Parthenon.

On this note, investment in digging up and preserving the ancient marvels that are locked between layers of soil would be a much better investment than digging a soccer club out of debt. Tourists would flock to the country. Further, finding private investors to develop a first class tourist infrastructure would retain a continuous flow of tourists. When American, British, French, German, etc school children learn about Hellas, they learn about the ancient world. Imagine what a thrill they would get if they had the opportunity to visit the ruins restored professionaly! There would be a steady stream of tourists each year coming in the summer to Hellas and enjoying it instead of moaning about what a miserable country it is and how they saw what they saw and wil never come back.

Beyond the Parthenon, how about restoring Mystras and other Byzantine monuments. Why must we focus on the Pre-Christian Hellenes? That is a topic for another post...


Russia and Turkey

I recently read a report in the Kathimerini daily that claimed that since Turkey and Russia both actedlike Imperial states (Ottoman and Soviet respectivley) they would become closer allies in the future. A comment left by anonymous also claimed something to the contrary, but used a different example to support his claim.
I am a proponent of the opposite view, which is, because Russia and Turkey are acting like Imperial states, they are bound to clash. Already, some tension is rising (link) over genocides. Further reasons are the clash between Orthodoxy and Turkey in general (Halki, Moscow as Third Rome, etc). An addition to these sores is Cyprus, which the Mafya uses as a center for money laudering. This too will prevent Russia and Turkey from becoming Imperial chums. Finally, if Russia and Turkey were becoming friendly, then why would Russia choose to build a pipeline through Bulgaria to Alexandropolis instead of negotiating the tariffs with the Turks. Perhaps they realize that their relations with Turkey at the moment might look better than in the past, but the future estimate is shakey.

The Disease of British Youth

As summer nears, I am dreading the British youth who flock to Hellas every year to do their annual damage. Their lifestyles as described in this report indicate that they might well be one of the main reasons why STD's are on the rise in Hellas. So, I say avoid the British like the plague, for the plague is found in them.

Easter in Deutschland

Pater Zeus' blog is right to complain about the Hellenic communities abroad in this post (Deutsche).While I cannot say I have been able to find any event as disgusting as the one occuring in Deutschland (link to Easter Party flyer), the general description of the greed, corruption, and uninspirational character of Hellenic events appears to be a worldwide phenomena.

On the easter flyer: I am not shocked that "fame story" (a reality T.V. show in Hellas) is a part of an event on Easter that is advertising go-go dancers. I just do not understand why the event is being advertised as an Easter party. Whoever would like to go to a traditional Paschal celebration, and is a good Christian, would find nothing appealing in this perversity.


Patriotc Forgery

I had once endorsed the website of "O.E.A." in a post. Well, I take it back. This group of self-described "Patriots" are nothing more than an attempt to divide Hellenic patriots movements in half. Some reasons why I do not recommend that people view this without their filters on alert:

  • They advertise the Communist rag "Rizospastis."
  • They attack the LA.O.S. party as an anti-Hellenic movement (!)
  • They advertise many New Age publicationst that have infiltrated the print market in Hellas such as Strange, Trito Mati, etc.

All these reasons make me suspicious of their aims and objectives.

It makes no sense how these people can claim that LA.O.S is anti-Hellenic whentheir leader Karatzaferis is asking many pertinent questions in the Europarliament. The burden of proof is on them since they are not doing more than slandering him on unsupported evidence.

Their claim of being Orthodox are merely there to fool the people who are patriots and are dazzled by their well designed site. It is not possible to be Orthodox and advertise New Age publications AND communist ones at that.

It had happend before, and it appear to be happening again. All of the sudden many Patriotic groups could emerge to split the patriotic vote up and ensure that there is no party that can claim the #% minimum to get into parliament.

Also notice how the Hellenic Front and LA.O.S. have now teamed up to assure that the vote is not split. What purpose could the O.E.A serve when trying to cast suspicion on the genuine Patriots?


Anarchy in Hellas

From Kathimerini:

Anarchist mob
A small gang of suspected anarchist youths rampaged through Exarchia in central Athens early on Sunday, throwing Molotov cocktails and damaging five parked cars, police said. There were no injuries or arrests.
My question is, where are the fighers of the Right. The "Golden Dawn"? Their members probably constitute the only force capable of dealing with the threat from the left is too tied up in its neo-Nazi ideology to help Hellas out with this mess.
They too, I suspect, are part of the many "international" movements against Hellas that seek to usurp the traditional right into their lunatic fringe. It is our mission as rightists to A) save the Rightists from the neo-Nazi threat, and B) reclaim our boys from the neo-Nazis, organize them under the arm of the police force, and unleash them on the left who have gone crazy without a formidable force to oppose them.

A much more peaceful solution would be to just arrest ALL of the leftist/anarchists and toss them in jail until they repent their sins. Of course, the police force is still being ruled by PASOK while New Democracy governs the country. Therefore, not a hair on the chiny chin chin of these psychotic anarchists was or will be harmed.

The Rus are Coming Again

You can read all about it here. Perhaps it is time that the Hellenic government do more than just build pipelines thorugh Bulgaria to Alexandropolis, but start making defense treatise with the Russians against the Turks. Say, if the Turks pass a certain line in the Aegean, then the Rus will lob some weapons at Ankara. Unfortunatley, the clowns in office will not make any pact with the Russians.


Left International

Recently in Athens, there a gathering of Armenian protestors burned the Turkish flag in front of the Turkish embassy in Athens. What I noticed is that there was not protest by the International Leftist parties of Greece against the flag burning. These members of the globalized left bonded with their Armenian brothers without any hesitation.

Now, assume there had been a protest, held by Hellenes, against Turkey. Further assume that was such a protest was directed against the Turkish expansionist claims in the Aegean, the casus belli, denial of the Hellenic genocide in Asia Minor, constant violations of airspace and territorial waters by the Turkish military, and the occupation of the Northern part of Cyprus (boy does it seem that Hellenes have a lot to compain about regarding the Mongols). I do not think that even one member of the Left International would feel bonded with such noble patriotic causes. Instead, the left would condemn the Hellenes protesting for their national interest, and claim that the "Aegean is for the fish"...

This is the character of the globalized left in Hellas. They do not care about Hellenes. They hate them now as they did in the War Against Communist Agression in the 1940's. Today, these leftists are there to protect the interests of non-Hellenes in Hellas and their human rights. The rights of citizenship are damned by them.

The reasons for why these villains exist is quite obvious. With the fall of the Soviet Union, all the men and women who relied on the COMINTERN for food and clothing must have been feeling poor and hungry. Woe and behold, a new ideology sprang up that looked down upon the Nation, and embraced a globalized culture. This is perfect for the countryless who now take orders from Washington instead of Moscow.


Turkey's New UAV's

Turkey recently closed the deal on a package of Israeli UAV's. More details here.

Nothing beats the Neuron program that Hellas is a part of. Too bad we don't have the system yet...


Burn the Turkish Flag!

This article points to some serious psychopathy in the Hellenic government. Some Hellenes play a prank by defacing the Turkish flag, and now the Turks are warning the Hellenes that this could result in the reconsideration of the "friendship" between the two countries. The Hellenic government on the other hand does not even dare to reconsider its friendly stance towards the "blight of Asia" whilst Turkish flying carpets violate Hellenic airspace. They continue on the path of rapprochement (new word for appeasement) by allowing the Turks to think that their expansionist politics in the Aegean will work.

The Hellenic government's stance will lead to war in the same way the Chamberlain's stance towards the Nazi's led to war. Too bad Hellas has no Churchill waiting on the sidelines.


The Horror

I am horrified that the noble men who defaced the Turkish flag are being sough out in an investigation. Although better pranks might have been done. It would have been very enjoyable to have heard that these men had defecated on a poster of Krazy Kemal Ataturk and then lit that on fire, videotaped the scene made, and then posted it online for all to see how angry Turks get when their genocidal idol is defaced. Anyhow, at least this is a signal that not everyone in the Hellenic armed forces like being peetrated by Turkophiles. The general staff should reconsider their apology in light of Erdogans latest words of hate and expansionism against Hellas.


Dazed and Confused in Washington D.C.

Uncle Kissinger's Rice really does not seem to be able to think for herself when it comes to non-Soviet related matters. One the one hand she claims:

Turkey is a model for "how Islam, the Muslim world and democracy" do not contradict with each other. "I think Islam, the Muslim world, is indeed going through an evolution, and as with any evolution there are both potential negative outcomes and potential positive outcomes. The negative outcome would be the continued rise of extremism and those who would hijack the great world religion to a cause that clearly has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a peaceful religion...

On the other hand, it is claimed by members of the Turkish parliament that Erogan's government:
has been employing thousands of Islamic fundamentalists in violation of its secular constitution.An opposition parliamentary faction has accused Prime Minister Recep Erdogan of enabling the employment of thousands of Muslims who oppose Turkey as a secular state. The faction said the Islamic fundamentalists have entered all areas of government, including the Education Ministry.
Rice should either get with the times of Mein Kampf and Metal Storm, or she should simply leave her post since the days of the Soviet threat are over. Her comprehension of Turkey is based on information likely spoon-fed to her by the usual supporters of Turkey such as Paul Henze and her Uncle, the infamous war criminal Henry Kissinger.

It is my hope that Turkey will plunge into a terrible civil war by 2006-2008. Some analysts tell me that this is not an unlikely event since the pro-Europeanists are loosing ground in a Turkey where traditions die hard.


Millions of Chinese Arms in Hellas...

It would be a good thing if the Hellenes began to rely less on U.S. weapons systems. With the scuffles between the U.S. and Hellas over weapons breaking out like the pox ever since the cursed 7:10 ratio with Turkey, there is no good reason why the Hellenic military should rely on American weapons. Sure, America might produce sophisticated weapons sysetms, but these are expensive. Further, since the Turks rely on U.S. systems, it might be better to rely on countries that manufacture their own defense products designed to attack U.S. systems. China and Russia are key countries to develop relations with for this to occur.

Perhaps China could repay a Hellenic vote of support for the restarting of Euro-China trade in arms with a contract for weapon systems. I've been told that the 'ole Peoples Republic has a the ability to manufacture quite a devastating payload of of anti-satellite, anti-ship, and anti-aircraft weaponry. With these arms, the Hellenes could knock out any space based systems, naval forces, and air based weapons systems assisting a Turkish, Albanian, or Bulgarian force that act against Hellas.

BEIJING, April 15 (Xinhuanet) -- A delegation of Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) left Beijing on Friday for a goodwill visit to Slovakia and Greece Friday, the Foreign Affairs Office of China's Defense Ministry announced.

The delegation, headed by Political Commissar Jiang Futang of Chinese PLA Shenyang Military Area Command, was invited by the armies of Slovakia and Greece, the office said.


Turkey's Historiaphobia

The ridiculous Erdogan claims here that "Turkey is not afraid of history."
There should be an open discussion on allegations that the Ottoman Empire committed acts of genocide against its Armenian citizens during World War One, Turkey's Prime Minister said Wednesday.
Of course, this discussion will take place in Turkey. The will use evidence from archives that have been purged of any evidence of genocide, and the Turks will say, hey, look, the primary sources say that we do nothing of genocide so bouahaha. Since the Turks have invested heavily in western "historians", these paid agents of the Turkey Republic will promote the Turkish view to all the middle class Americans who cannot think for themselves. In this way, Turkish mythology will be thought by the West to be well-researched historiography, and the Turks will be exonerated.
The Hellenic government meanwhile is in full snooze mode as Alexander the Great is portrayed as gay, Athena and Socrates as Black Africans, and the Turks did not oppress the Hellenes during the Ottoman Empire, but another race that is not Turkish but Ottoman did all those horrible things.

Student Daze

It sure is tough blogging while maintaing a full course load as a student. It is my belief that being the best in class will benefit Hellas more than blogging, so that is why I have not been writing lately. I am back for the most part.

To Krypho Scholio

I came upon this site from an email on a discussion group. It might be of interest for those that know Ellinka.