Great Hellas


Saint Paul's Warning in Thessaloniki

Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God … And now you know what is restraining (Divine Grace and Providence), which does not allow his appearance. that he may be revealed in his own time. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness" 2:3-11
Saint. Paul's Second Epistle to the Thessalonikians

Saint Paul's description sounds a lot like President George W. Bush. The man has a mental condition that makes him beleive that he is chosen by God. Or, he has been made to think that he is God by people chosen to be close to him.

Bush does not have a record of upholding state, federal, and international laws making him a man bound by no laws. The Faux News network provides the lie to test the faith of all. Too bad in the end the righteous will come above.

Saint Paul foresees a condemnation of Bush and the master puppeteers. They are those who act against all nations through their organization of globalisation.


The Planned, Organized, and Executed Genocide

March 27, 2005
Jack Manuelian

Were the plans of the 1915-23 Armenian [and Hellenic] Genocide actually drawn up and were in place by the year 1910 or 1912? According to some sources, definitely yes.

There is the book Inner Folds of the Ottoman Revolution written by Mevlan Zadeh Rifat and published in 1929, the author, a pro-sultan Turk, claims that the "Armenian genocide was decided in August 1910 and October 1911, by a Young Turk committee composed entirely of displaced Balkan Jews in the format of a syncretist Jewish-Muslim sect which included Talaat, Enver, Behaeddin Shakir, Jemal, and Nizam posting as Muslims. It met in the Rothschild-funded Grand Orient loge/hotel of Salonika." Syncretism means a combination of different forms of belief or practice; masonism fits that description.

A 1994 conference paper/lecture by Joseph Brewda of Schiller Institute entitled Palmerson launches Young Turks to permanently control Middle East claims the founder of the Young Turks to be a certain Jew by the name of Emmanuel Carasso. He states: "Carasso set up the Young Turk secret society in the 1890s in Salonika, then part of Turkey, and now part of Greece. Carasso was also the grand master of an Italian masonic lodge there, called 'Macedonia Resurrected.' The lodge was the headquarters of the Young Turks, and all the top Young Turk leadership were members."

Further on Mr. Brewda says: "During the Young Turk regime, Carasso continued to play a leading role. He met with the sultan, to tell him that he was overthrown. He was in charge of putting the sultan under house arrest. He ran the Young Turk intelligence network in the Balkans. And he was in charge of all food supplies in the empire during World War I." It is ironic that five centuries after the Turkish sultans welcomed the expelled European Jews into Turkey, certain Jews belonging to secret societies and to Zionism will kick the sultans out of power early in 20th century, destroy the Ottoman Empire, and celebrate their victory by massacring by proxy almost the whole Christian Armenian people, one million and half Armenians; half million Greeks; and half million Christian Assyrians & Arameans.

Mr. Brewda writes: "Another important area was the press. While in power, the Young Turks ran several newspapers, including 'The Young Turk,' whose editor was none other than the Russian Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky had been educated as a young man in Italy."

Mr. Brewda, ignoring the possibility that Talaat could have been a secret infiltrated Jew, writes: "Of course, there were also some Turks who helped lead the Young Turk movement. For example, Talaat Pasha. Talaat was the interior minister and dictator of the regime during World war I. He had been a member of Carasso's Italian masonic lodge in Salonika. One year prior to the 1908 coup, Talaat became the grand master of the Scottish Rite Masons in the Ottoman Empire. If you go to the [archives of] Scottish Rite headquarters in Washington, D.C., you can find that most of the Young Turk leaders were officials in the Scottish Rite."

Mr. Brewda also mentions the novel Greenmantle, whose hero is a British spy who led the Young Turks, and that the book's author, John Buchan, later identified the novel's hero as the English nobleman Aubrey Herbert, who was the top British spy master in the Middle East during WW I. And that Lawrence of Arabia later identified Herbert as having been, at one time, the head of the Young Turks. According to Mr. Brewda, Carasso also appears in that novel under the name Carusso.

By 1916 the British and French, overpowered by greed, already had a secret agreement to divide the Ottoman Empire between themselves. Presently Hitler's Mien Kempt anti-semitic book is a best-seller in Turkey, it is published by various Turkish publishers by the thousands and thousands. Are the Turks finally waking up and realizing that their Sultan's refusal to grant Palestine to the Zionist Jews as a homeland had cost them their centuries- old empire?

Talaat was a living witness to the Genocide and history. He should not have been assassinated. His silencing for good by hot-tempered Armenians only served those who planned and executed the Genocide. Had he been left alone, who knows he might have confessed everything at his old age or at his deathbed.

Another conspiratorial source is the lengthy article The Armenian & Jewish Genocide Project: Eliminating Ethnic Conflict Along the Oil Route From Baku to the Suez Canal Region written by Clifford Shack and posted in his web-site.

Mr. Shack writes: "In the 1880's, the French branch of the Rothschild family acquired interests in Russia's Baku oil fields in an effort to supply their refinery on the Adriatic with cheap Russian oil. In exchange for these interests they built a railroad linking Baku to the newly acquired Black Sea port of Batum. This opened up the Baku oil, a major world supply, to the world. With the success of the new railroad, the Rothschilds had more oil than they could actually sell. Overcoming their fear of competing with the giant Standard oil [of USA], they sought out the huge [Far East] markets east of Suez."

Further on Mr. Shack makes his point: "The decision by the shrewd French Rothschild branch to diversify into other areas of oil exploitation was, presumably, a calculated one. Three years after they joined Royal Dutch, production at Baku would come to an abrupt halt in 1905. Although shaken by political activity, the principal disruption was due to the violence of the ethnic conflict between the region's Muslims and the minority population of Armenians who are Christians. This ethnic conflict caused the first interruption of oil distribution to the world market. Standard oil was quick to supplant the needs of the effected markets as its source was operating under the blanket of peace. The Royal/Dutch/Shell Group (and the Nobles) watched their Baku investments go up in flames. Ethnic conflict was at the root of the matter. It could be safely assumed that they were taking measures to eliminate the possibility of that happening in the future." Oil corporations seem to have learned their lessons from history because before the construction of present-day Baku-Ceyhan pipeline has began, someone has made sure that no Armenians were left in Baku anymore. Although the Armenian threat to that pipeline has been neutralized, yet there is still A Turkish ultra-nationalist revival threat, and a threat from Iran if Iran comes under attack from USA or Israel. There is a very clean prophecy of Nostradamus stating: "By firepower of armies, not far from the Black Sea, he will come from Persia/Iran to occupy Trebizond." Trebizond is located at the shore of the Black Sea and its occupation will virtually cut the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline in half. Another prophecy of Nostradamus reads: "Toward Persia/Iran a sizable army of a million. The serpent Satan invading Byzantium and Egypt." Byzantium & Egypt could be a mystical name for modern Istanbul asSodom & Egypt is the mystical name given for Jerusalem in the book Revelation 11:8.

Mr. Shack notes that "the mere elimination of the Armenian population of Baku would not solve the problem of ethnic conflict in that region. The surrounding areas would provide reservoir effect in resupplying the conflicting minority element." And he asks: "was the removal [in 1915-23] of a small minority like the Armenians [from historical Armenia] a fair price to pay for the peace in a region so crucial to the development and investment of the Far East?" Apparently Mr. Shack ignores the factor of revenge raging in the heart of human beasts.

Mr. Shacks answers his own question by stating in his article about the big business or big corporations: "It would be fair to say that the genocide of a group of a million or so, to serve the benefit of a billion or so [in the Far East], is less of a question of should it be done, than how it could be done. So as not to reveal any plausible motive which could link the actual planners to the genocide, the scheme involved a proxy party [namely the muslim Turks, Kurds & Azeris] , which was manipulated through layers of influence, providing sufficient cover for the planners."

The fool said in his ignorance, "There was no planned and organized and executed genocide of the Armenians."

In chapter 30 of the book of Isaiah, we read God speaking by His prophet: "Woe to the rebellious children, who execute a plan, but not Mine, and make an alliance, but not of My Spirit, in order to add sin to sin;...For this is a rebellious people, false sons, sons who refuse to listen to the instruction of the Lord."


Drug Dealers Have Rights Too (says the left)

Hellenic Nationalist writes on Nikos Konstantopoulos (Attorney/Greek Leftist Leader/Brutal Wife Beater). He makes some valid points about the hypocrisy of the left and how they are not the ethical humanitarians that they portray themselves to be.

I'll add one more point to the strange case of Konstantopoulos. From the biography of Konstantopoulos (linked above) we learn that he
has also been active as a professional lawyer, specializing in various issues of institutional reforms, law modernization, criminal law and the defense of civil
His expertise in criminal law has provided him with a clientele that consists mainly of drug smugglers and similar vermin that inhabit the earth. The court records make this obvious, as do prison records. Therefore, this leftist scum defends the human and civil rights of the men who bring cocaine, heroin, and hashish (among other commodities) into Hellas to poison the minds and health of the fragile youth. It is more than likely that his law modernization consists of legalizing drugs so that smugglers and dealers will not have to have their human rights taken away from them because of their prison sentence.

At the same time, it must be noted that drug smugglers are usual tightly connected with the sex-slave industry. This industry is something that both left and Right deplore in theory, but only the Right does so in practice.


On Collaborating

Its about time Jerusalem Patriarch Irenaios got busted for his collaboration. The gloves are slowly but surely coming off in the current crisis with the Church.

Alpha 1 writes correctly in one of its articles, and I am paraphrasing here, how can Yorgo and Koumparos complain about the Church and its corruption when there is a 500 million hole in the Spata airport, and a whole lot of other problems with the economy which are a direct result of PASOK/New Democracy mismanagement.

I did not elect the Church officials.


Syria Out of Lenanon- Turkey Out of Cyprus

The State Department's “double speak” on Turkey's invasion of Cyprus compared to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait is right out of George Orwell's 1984.

Getting Syrian troops out of Lebanon is in the best interests of the U.S. Getting Turkish troops out of Cyprus is also in the best interests of the U.S.!The failure to call for the removal of Turkish troops from Cyprus is a striking example of the double standard in Turkeyʼs favor. It is particularly distressing as the Turkish troops which invaded Cyprus caused substantial loss of lives, huge destruction of property and 200,000 Greek Cypriot refugees. Today, Turkey's armed forces occupy 37.3% of Cyprus. The reasons to call for the removal of Turkish troops from Cyprus are as compelling, and more so, than getting Syrian troops out of Lebanon.

Why hasn't President Bush called for the removal of Turkey's illegal troops and colonists from Cyprus and the tearing down of the Green Line barbed wire fence (as President Reagan called for the Soviets to tear down the Berlin Wall)? The answer is that he has followed the failed State Department policy of a double standard on the application of the rule of law to Turkey. That policy started in 1974, when Turkey invaded Cyprus with the illegal use of U.S. arms, and has continued to the present time.




The list has been compile from information that can be found here.

Greek Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group would like to acknowledge the sponsorship of:

Open Society Institute,
European Union's PHARE,
Euromosaic and Equal programs,
Austrian Government -Federal Chancellery,
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Nikos Dimou
"Artos Zois" Foundation,
European Roma Rights Center
Berghof Foundation for Conflict Research
Aspen Institute Berlin
International Helsinki Federation
Minority Rights Group International
Alternative Information Network
Search for Common Ground Macedonia
Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada
Communication and Political Research Society
Greek Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Greek General Secretariat for Youth
and a few others... [WHO!?]

Our organizations in the last ten years have also cooperated with [These traitors and hostile agents]:

Vassilis Agouras, Dimitris Angelidis, Pavlos Athanasopoulos, Kostas Barjaba, Marianna Bekiari, Tereza Boukis, George Christodoulidis, Abdulhalim Dede, Elias Dimitras, Maria Dimitriou, Nikos Dimou, Mehmet Dukkanci, Merry Fiffels, Eda Gemi, Katerina Gini, Irina Gigova, Hannah Goldberg, Dionysis Gousetis, Lena Halilopoulos, Dimitris Ioannou, Lola Kalandraki, Alexis Kaliviotis, Gazmend Kapllani, Lia Karadimou, Demetra Kasimis, Maria Koynova, Rajwantee Laksman-Lepain, Mariana Lenkova, Dimitris Levantis, Panayote Lezos, Laura Loli, Caroline Law, Nikos Mastrakoulis, Fotis Mihalopoulos, Elitsa Minovska, Rena Mitrou, Vaso Neofotistos, Sofia Nikolaidou, Louisa O' Brien, Cathy O' Grady, Ibram Onsunoglou, Adamantia Palidis, Antonia Papadopoulou, Margarita Papakosta, Terry Platis, Mary Polichroni, Hebe Roccou, Niki Roubani, Christina Rougheri, Horatiu Rusu, Vasilis Sakellariou, Gabriella Samsonidou, Ellen Slusarczyk, Maria Spirova, Apostolos Stragalinos, Daniella Tarnovschi, Nasos Theodoridis, Kyriaki (Sundy) Topidis, Georgia Tsaklanganos, Mary Ellen Tsekos, Aysel Zeybek.


No American Genocide, Yorgo Chants

Before complaining about who protects minorities in Hellas, Yorgo Chant should consider asking his case officer about the human rights of those in Iraq. Genocide is going on there. Unlike the American occupation of Iraq, in Hellas there is no systematic effort by the government to commit genocide against a population of people that reside within the borders of the country.

Yorgo is a foreign agent who must be stopped at all costs. His latests alliance with Helsinki Monitor indicates that the determination that this pawn and his ugly, shrewd, and liberal mother are taking to dismantle Hellas is an unprecidented threat. You think that ANDREAS was bad for Hellas, you just wait for Bravo Yorgo to be voted in by the masses in my generation (18-34 y/o).


Air Superiority

It is without a doubt that the Hellenic Air Force is superior to the Mongolian Magic Carpet Force in every way. This report should remind the Mongolids to stop invading the airspace over the Aegean lest some trigger happy pilot's radio malfunction and begins to clear the sky of Turkish carpets.

Here is a video (ZIP FILE) to further remind the Mongolians who rules the Aegean: Hellenes.

We've ruled the Aegean for tens of thousands of years. Even when Hellas was under the domination of foreign powers. The contexts of this film is that the Turkish planes decided to play a prank and "buzz" the C-130 carrying the defense minister. Confirmed (mock) kill. Unfortunatley, the pilots trigger finger did not have orders to fire.

Of course, it is never to late for the brave men hurtling at mach 2 towards Turkish threats in the Aegean to begin acting in a manner that would allow them to uphold their oaths to defend Hellas. Should officers of the Hellenic forces not ignore the orders of the traitorous gangs ruling Hellas, then they must strip from their uniforms and wear a dress.


The Crazy Albanian

The so-called P.M. of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, has finally been indicted by the clowns at the Hague. It took them long enough to crack this case open.

Some info on this radical Albanian:

Crimes of the KLA
The Haradinaj Brothers and Their Involvement in Terrorism in Kosovo and Metohija


American Democracy and Human Rights

YORGO CHANT (a.k.a. Papandreou). Is this the kind of vision your American masters want you have for Hellas?

American society is characterized with rampant violent crimes, severe infringement of people's rights by law enforcement departments and lack of guarantee for people's rights to life, liberty and security of person. Violent crimes pose a serious threat to people's lives. According to a report released by the Department of Justice of the United States on Nov. 29, 2004, in 2003 residents aged 12 and above in the United States experienced about 24 million victimizations, and there occurred 1,381,259 murders, robberies and other violent crimes, averaging 475 cases per 100,000 people. Among them there were 16,503 homicides, up 1.7 percent over 2002, or nearly six cases in every 100,000 residents, and one of every 44 Americans aged above 12 was victimized. The Associated Press reported on June 24, 2004 that the number of violent crimes in many US cities were on the rise. In 2003 Chicago alone recorded 598 homicides, 80 percent of which involved the use of guns. The Washington D.C. reported 41,738 murders, robberies and other violent crimes in 2003, averaging 6,406.4 cases per 100,000 residents. In 2004 the District recorded 198 killings, or a homicide rate of 35 per 100,000 residents. Detroit,which has less than 1 million residents, recorded 18,724 criminal cases in 2003, including 366 murders and 814 rapes, which amounted to a homicide rate of 41 per 100,000 residents. In 2003 the homicide rate in Baltimore was 43 per 100,000 residents. The Baltimore Sun reported on Dec. 17, 2004 that the city reported 271 killings from January to early December in 2004.

The United States claims to be "a paragon of democracy," but American democracy is manipulated by the rich and malpractices are common. Elections in the United States are in fact a contest of money. The presidential and Congressional elections last year cost nearly 4 billion US dollars, some 1 billion US dollars or one third more than that spent in the 2000 elections. The 2004 presidential election has been listed as the most expensive campaign in the country's history (see htp://, with the cost jumping to 1.7 billion US dollars rom 1 billion US dollars in 2000. To win the election, the Democratic Party and epublican Party had to try their utmost to raise funds. The Washington Post reported n Dec. 3 last year that the Democratic Party collected 389.8 million US dollars in lectoral funds and the Republican Party raised 385.3 million US dollars, both hitting a ecord high (see Fundraising Records Broken by Both Major Political Parties, Washington Post on Dec. 3, 2004). Data released by the Federal Election Commissio (FEC) on Dec. 14, 2004 show the average spending for Senate races was 2,518,750 US dollars in 2004, with the highest reaching 31,488,821 US dollars; and the average spending for House races was 511,043 US dollars (see, with the highest reaching 9,043,293 US dollars (see The Republican Party, the Democratic Party and their periphery organizations spent a total of 1.2 billion US dollars on TV commercials, making this presidential election the most expensive in history. The TV commercials were broadcast 750,000 times, twice of the airings in the general election in 2000. In the Oct. 1 - 13 period in 2004, the Republican Party spent 14.5 million US dollars on advertising, and the Democratic Party's advertising spending amounted to 24 million US dollars in the first 20 days of October 2004.



The Syrian Setup

Pat Buchanan offers some insight on what is going on in the Middle East with regards to Lebanon.

There is no vital U.S. interest in Lebanon. There is no vital U.S. interest in the Gulf other than oil, which the Arabs and Iran have to sell to us and wish to sell to us. No Arab nation has attacked the United States since the Barbary pirates, and none wants war with America. Only Osama, Sharon and the neoconservatives look longingly to a "World War IV" and a "clash of civilizations" between America and Islam.

So, who is setting up Syria?

Following the assassination of Lebanese President Bashir Gemayel and dozens of others by a bomb planted on the roof of his Phalange Party headquarters, Reagan was persuaded to send in the Marines. A massive truck-bombing of their barracks followed, slaughtering 241. After U.S. air and naval strikes, America withdrew in humiliation. Today, the same voices that urged Reagan to go in – and condemn him still for pulling out – are whispering in Bush's ear that war on Syria is the way to win the war on Iraq.


From Alpha 1: March 5, 2004

How exactly is Yorgo (Papandreou) supposed to successfully change Hellas when he has such "accomplices?" Akis Tzochatsopoulos, in a speech given in Thessaloniki a few days before the widely advertised 7th PASOK convention, called on Kostas Semites (former P.M.) to claim accountability for the downfall of the party a year ago. Yorgo heard this, and created smoke screens. Now, why is Yorgo avoiding a confrontation with him?
Yorgo is a dangerous man whose brain has been turned to mush by his mother, the perpetually destructive Margaret Chant. She is an agent of the New World Order that has sapped the honest taxpayers money to fund her plastic surgery, divorce, and activities aimed at destroying the nuclear family, Orthodoxy, and culture of Hellas. She should be arrested, stripped of her Hellenic citizenship, and deported back to America along with her sons. Hellas needs immigrants like her as much as a person needs HIV.


Κωνσταντίνος Καραθεοδωρής (Constantin Carathéodory)

Constantin Carathéodory -Κωνσταντίνος Καραθεοδωρής-,

Born: September 13, 1873 (Berlin)
Taken by the Lord: February 2, 1950 13.9.1873 (Munich)

His unquestionable dedication to Hellenism:

Carathéodory accepted a post at the University of Smyrna in Anatolia. When the Turks razed Smyrna in 1922, Carathéodory saved the university library and moved it with him to the University of Athens, where he taught until 1924. Carathéodory was subsequently appointed professor of mathematics at the University of Munich.

Deep in his heart, Carathéodory felt himself above anything "Greek." The Greek language was exclusively spoken in the Carathéodory's house. His son Stephanos and daughter Despina went to a German high school, but they obtained daily additional instruction in Greek language and culture from a Greek priest. At home, they were not allowed to speak any other language.

He was the head of a church counsel for the Greek church of the Savior on Munich's Salvatorplatz. This church had been given to the Greek orthodox community by the Bavarian king Ludwig I, who greatly admired Greece. In the meantime, Carathéodory was well over 60 years old and plagued by

Some of his contributions to Humanity:

Helped Einstein to develop theory of general relativity.
Albert Einstein had then around 1912 set aside his thoughts and ideas regarding general relativity theory and hoped with the help of the tools of Hamilton-Jacobi to arrive at deeper insights. With this in mind, on the 6th of September of 1916 he wrote to Carathéodory. At the end of his letter, Albert Einstein asked Carathéodory: "Would you think a little bit about the problem of closed time trajectories? Here lies the essence of this still unsolved part of the space-time problem. I wish you all the best from yours truly, A. Einstein." Carathéodory answered on December 16, 1916: "Dear colleague, the main points in the theory of canonical substitutions can be most easily derived in my opinion in the following way." There then comes mathematical expressions from Hamilton-Jacobi theory. The composition ends ... "With best wishes, yours truly, C. Carathéodory."
Carathéodory's Fundamental Theorem
Carathéodory Derivative
Caratheodory’s Extension (ADOBE PDF)

Calculus of variations/theory of discontinuous solutions of ode’s.

Function theory: conformal representation of simply connected regions on the unit circle; theory of boundary correspondence.

Geometrical optics.

Point set measure theory and probability theory.


Borel-Carathéodory inequality

Carathéodory criterion

Carathéodory-Fejer method

Carathéodory-Finsler manifold

Carathéodory matrix coefficient problem

A good book on this great modern Hellene:

Georgiadou, Maria. Constantin Carathéodory: Mathematics and Politics in Turbulent Times, 2004, Springer, XXVIII, 651 Hardcover ISBN: 3-540-44258-8

Information compiled from here.

Modern Hellenism

I've often heard (with disappointment) that modern Hellas has offered nothing to humanity. This is simply not true. There do exist Hellenes who have contributed to Hellenism and civilization post 1821. The problem is that we simply do not know who they are, what they did, and how they contributed. Why? The age old reason, Hellas has been governed by fools that do not want to create a country, but create their own private wealth. The only exception to this rule was the brief reign of Ioannis Metaxas. Perhaps instead of spending public money on private estates the members of the ruling class in the past and present could have paid marketing firms and publishing houses to establish that Hellenism has not died, and Hellenes continue to contribute to Humanity. Does the future look any better? No. It will not for a long time. For now, the word will have to be spread online by Hellenic Patriots.

So, from time to time I will be posting some information about the great Hellenic heroes of the post 1821 era.


Albanian Thuggery

This article (from the U.K.) describes some (ethnic Hellenic...which is not mentioned in the article) Albanians who are opposed to Club Med developing an exotic resort on what is now barren land.

Here are some excerpts:

Residents say that Club Med's local business partner, Dritan Cela, is developing land that is not his. They say the site, three miles from the highway, is rightfully theirs. No compensation has been offered, they say, after the long-term lease deal was agreed by the Socialist-led government of Prime Minister Fatos Nano.

With the help of one of the developer's bulldozers, security forces used batons to scatter the crowd. A dozen people including Kakome Bay's mayor, Vladimir Kumi, were arrested and several others were injured. Local women, who stoned the police, were beaten. A cameraman was also beaten up during the four-hour confrontation. "The bulldozer broke their ranks and then the police beat them up in a beastly way," a villager said. Florion Serjani, a spokesman for the Public Order Ministry, insisted that officers had shown restraint. "Police have removed the people and work has started. No one has been badly hurt. We used force but not violence," he said.

"Force, but not violence." Sounds like double-speak to me.

So what's the story here? Well, apparently the disenfranchised people who are being bullied by the Albanian government and Club Med are of the Hellenic minority in Albania. These people are discriminated against, and nobody cares. What if, the Hellenic government decided to bully away some land owned by Albanians living in Hellas to build a museum? I can assure you that Washington and the Big Bagel (New York) would throw a fit over the Hellenic violations of Albanian human rights. In the case of Club Med and the Albanian government crushing Hellenes in Albania, not a whisper.

In a surprise move, a Eurodeputy representing New Democracy in the European Parliament has raised this issue in Brussels.


Ancient Tetraskele, Modern Uses

The tetraskele (or swastika)is an ancient symbol. In Ancient Hellas, for example, it was a symbol of love. If you go to any archaeological museum in Hellas today you will find many imprints of the tetraskele on ancient pottery. However, it is usually associated with evil since Hitler utilized it.

Some scientists have discovered that its geometrical properties could make it suitable for quantum cryptography. The Pythagoreans knew of the mathematical significance of this shape, and today's scientists are rediscovering it. You'll notice that the source of the article is German. I wonder, under German law, are these scientists facing prosecution because of their discovery.

Source for this image is here.

British Culture

This new reality T.V. show in Britain exhibits a mild version of what methods were used to preserve the British Empire. It's all fun and games to the sadistic Anglo-Saxon race that reign in England. It has been and continues to be a scourge not only to Hellenism but to the world in general.

Here are two examples of the British contributions to humanity:

British in Cyprus: 1957

British in Iraq: 2003

What happened next to these poor people is a more extreme version of what the Brits will now be seeing on their new reality T.V. show.