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Turkish Arms Watch

Turkey Signs Deal for Super Stallions

The first time Turkey took delivery of a stallion on wheels, an army of Greeks spilled out of it. However, Turkey’s latest agreement to purchase Super Stallion helicopters went much more smoothly.

Meeting in Ankara, Turkey’s undersecretary for the Ministry of National Defense, Lt. Gen. Sener Eruygur, and Sikorsky president Dean C. Borgman signed a $350 million contract for eight S-80E heavy-lift helicopters. (S-80E is the commercial designation for the H-53E Super Stallion.) The purchase is part of Turkey’s continuing effort to modernize its military. Last month, deliveries began on the first of 30 new glass cockpit S-70A-28D Black Hawks to the Turkish Land Forces and eight similarly equipped Seahawks to the Turkish navy.

The three-engine S-80E can carry up to 55 fully equipped combat troops or external loads up to 32,000 pounds. Sikorsky has delivered 226 H-53E Super Stallions/Sea Dragons to the U.S. military and 11 S-80M1s to the Japanese Defense Agency.

Deliveries of Turkish CSAR Cougars

Begin Eurocopter has delivered the first two of 30 combat search-and-rescue (CSAR) AS-532 Cougars to Turkey’s armed forces. The deliveries were part of a 1997 agreement worth 4.45 billion French francs (US$648.7 million in 2000 dollars). The contract calls for 10 AS-532UL Cougars to be delivered to the Turkish army and 20 AS-532UL/ALs to be delivered to the air force through February 2003. The agreement also created EUROTAI, a consortium consisting of Eurocopter and Turkey’s Tusas Aerospace Industries (TAI), to build components locally.



George Karatzaferis appears to be asking all the right questions in the European Parliament.

EL (at the top) for Ελληνίκα
EN (at the top) for English


The Racism of "Human Rights"

Albanian held in mother and daughter rape . This just makes me sick to the core.

Father of two Antemi is alleged to have raped an unnamed 35-year-old woman and
her young [11 year old] daughter on November 8, after threatening them with a screwdriver at a building site in the suburb of Galatsi, where he also lived, according to police. Police said that there was an outstanding warrant for the arrest of Antemi, who was living legally in Greece, for other crimes, which they did not detail. He was due to serve two jail sentences totaling 23 months.

I wonder, while Human Rights Watch, Helsinki Watch, and the rest of the alphabet soup of agencies concerned with the welfare of minorities in Hellas protest against alleged Hellenic violations of human rights, who is going to fight for the human rights of the Hellenes living in Hellas?

The communists and other liberal/middle ground political parties (New Democracy included) are all either fifth columnists, useful idiors, quislings, or neodosilogi. Moreover, they are what they claim not to be: members of an extreme-right movement known as globalism which seeks to undermine every nation state and civilization, replacing these with a tyranny that Stalin would be envious of. It only makes sense. With the end of the ideology of International Communism, these lonely vile people were left with nothing. Now they have globalism to fill the void of their destroyed lives.

It is these extremists that are undermining Hellenism. There is no question about it. If you are with the human rights you are against Hellas and the Hellenes. Too bad that the government itself is a right-wing globalist movement that will stop at nothing to prevent more immigrants from entering the country.

The globalists "friends of humanity" will likely not cry out for justice in this case, but will try to defend the Albanian rapist/pedophile. If they do not defend him, they will say that this is a rare case and we should all accept our new immigrant friends. Rubbish. They can all go home. If not, then they soak in the so-called discrimination against them, which is really only self-defense from those that remember the good old days (back in the early 1990's) when one could still sleep with the window open and not have to fear a criminal jumping in during the night.

The correlation between the rise of immigrants, legal and illegally, in Hellas and the rise in crime is not a coincidence. It occurs everywhere. Even in America, Mexicans terrorize Americans. But some concerned American citizens take organized actions to prevent these people coming into the country in the first place. Hellenes do not. They are absorbed with reality T.V.

It is not as if the immigrants are offering anything to the country besides cheap labor and crime. Go ahead and call me racist. If being a racist means defending mine and my families right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in my own country, then yes, I am a racist. In all reality, it is the globalists that are the true supporters of racism. They hate me living in my own country in accord with the tenets of my Hellenic culture: Orthodox Christianity.

I can only accept an immigrant that comes to Hellas, and fully assimilates. This does not only mean learning the language. It means becoming a Hellenic Orthodox Christian that practices the religion. It means learning the history of the country which he wants to adopt him. It means serving in the Hellenic Armed Forces with pride, honor, and valor. It means defending Hellenic interests against the interests of Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, the disgusting Globalists, and all other enemies of Hellenism. You either come to Hellas to become a Hellene, or you don't come at all. Being a Hellene does not mean cleaning out toilets in the day, getting paid, and then wiring the money back to Albania. It does not mean making a relatively small fortune in Hellas and then moving back over the border.


Historical Mythologies

Afrocentrism is a mythology that is racist, reactionary, and essentially therapeutic. ..

--Clarence E. Walker

Quote and more info can be found here.

I think the quote above can be applied to Ataturk's Turkocentric interpretation of history as well.

A good book that delves into the history fabricated by that oh so vile clan of Ataturk. This Turkocentric version of history is by Vryonis, Spiros titled The Turkish State and History Clio Meets the Grey Wolf.


Solar Power

Hellas has plenty of sun. It lacks energy. This was observed in the July blackouts last year throughout the country. However, there is also plenty of smog in Athens, especially in the summer.

So, a solution to the energy/pollution problem is a solar tower of power. I know, the Hellenic government will never get around to doing this. Notice that the deregulation of the energy market, as described by this page, includes no info on solar power. It's a mad, mad country I tell you.



The Advanced submarine naval base in Northern Hellas is another positive sign that the Hellenic ministry of defense is on the right track. The Aegean is a sea that is more suitable to submarine warfare rather than frigate warfare. Hellas should have had the most advanced subnmarine fleet in Europe. Instead the Americans pushed frigates on the Hellenic Navy so that they could offload their junk. Hopefully there will be more purchases of small missile boats and submarines that are more suitable in the the Aegean.

Hellenic Neurons

This E.U. study investigating the role that Unmanned Air Combat Vehicles has resulted in the Neuron program. Dassault Aviation, SAAB, and Hellenic Airspace Industry (to some extent) (EAB) are official contributors to this UCAV program. Check out the official Dassault trailer. Notice the intials EAB in the botton right corner. Of course, one would need a government that has the will power to use this neat gizmo against hostile adversaries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, and Albania to make the investment worth anything. Otherwise some son of a corrupt Hellenic politician will be very happy with his new toy plane. Our only hope then would be if the kid is a hawk!

The Second Cold War

The Second Cold War is probably here.
Russia has likely learned from its loss of the First Cold War that it must have reliable allies on its side, and cannot go it alone against America. It is also not unlikely that the Russian are quite angry at America for destroying their Soviet Empire and now taking over countries formaly in their sphere of influence. Therefore, it appears that a strategic alliances with the following countries is being assembled:
Russia is playing chess, while the Americans are playing checkers.


"The Sick Man of Europe Again"

Robert Pollock is one American writer whose views on Turkey I can agree with. Here are some excerpts from his recent (February 16th) op-ed column in The Wall Street Journal

Just about every politician and media outlet (secular and religious) [in Turkey] preaches an extreme combination of America- and Jew-hatred that ... voluntarily goes far further than anything found in most of the Arab world's state-controlled press.

Consider the Islamist newspaper Yeni Safak. A Jan. 9 story claimed that U.S. forces were tossing so many Iraqi bodies into the Euphrates that mullahs there had issued a fatwa prohibiting residents from eating its fish. ... One of its columnists has alleged that U.S. soldiers raped women and children there and left their bodies in the streets to be eaten by dogs.

the eighth planet theory circulating around the Turkish capital. The theory, holds not only that the U.S. knows of an impending asteroid strike, but that we know it's going to hit North America. Hence our desire to colonize the Middle East. Such stories are told in all seriousness at the most powerful dinner tables in Ankara. The common thread is that almost everything the U.S. is doing in the world -- even tsunami relief -- has malevolent motivations, usually with the implication that we're acting as muscle for the Jews.

Much of Ataturk's legacy risks being lost if this mind-set continues and Turkey could easily become just another second-rate country: small-minded, paranoid, marginal ... friendless in America and unwelcome in Europe.

Honestly, I would not mind at all if Ataturk's legacy was lost. I wonder why the Turks celebrate a man who after a long hard days work of slaughtering the adults of Asia Minor would relax by forcing young orphaned boys to his tent in order to gratify his every desire.

quotes taken from here.


The Northern Front

Turkey holds the option of unilateral intervention in northern Iraq if Kurds declare independence and claim the oil wealth of disputed Kirkuk, considered the main spoils in the uncertain Iraqi equation...Modern Turkey's predecessor, the Ottoman Empire, ruled both Kirkuk and Mosul, another oil-rich city in the north, until they were ceded to Britain in the 1920s. Although it had legal right to a share of the oil wealth, Turkey gave it up for a lump sum in a decision Turks still regret.

Metal Storm rising? The article from where this quote is taken from can be foud here.

My fear is that the Americans will try to appease the Turks by giving them either the Aegean or Cyprus on a platter. In any case, a national catastrophe is looming whether we want to believe it or not. The Hellenic government of course will do nothing to prevent it. Perhaps either the King will come home as a result of such a national catastrophe or the Hellenes will finally wake up and riot for political change. Those who do not demand change should cut off their own voting hands in order to prevent their irrationality from further damaging the country with their support of PASOK, New Democracy, SYN, and KKE.

LA.O.S. and Hellenic Front are the only parties that seem to care about the fate of the country.

The Turkish-American War

Metal Storm is a bestseller in the Mongolian Entity today. It is a fictional account of a war between the Mongolian Entity and America over differences in Kurdistan. Note Gul's advice to Uncle Kissinger's Rice on how to stem the widespread anti-American sentiment:

To win the hearts and minds of the Turkish people, you should take serious steps about the serials and films which display a bad image of Turks," Gul said, according to Hurriyet. (link)

Should the Hellenic government have been confronted by Washington with regards to a similar book, I am sure that Karamanlis would be on his hands and knees begging his controllers in for mercy. Gul's remarks shows that the mentality of the Turkish government is that they are the inheritors of the new Ottoman Empire. The Hellenic government on the other hand has no similar vision of being the inheritors of the Byzantine Empire. They are the inheritors of the marionette strings that have been controlling almost all politicians since Hellas' independence. Metaxas is a notable exception.

On the other hand, Gul does not seem to be familiar with what genuine freedom of speech is. He thinks that the U.S. government has the power to prohibit any film it does not seem fit. America takes the first amendment (freedom of speech) seriously, and likely will not begin cracking down on the distribution of such classic documentaries of the Turkish prison system such as Midnight Express. A perfect depiction of Turkey and its primitive inhabitants.


NATO's Secret Armies

NATO's Secret Armies will be an interesting read. Here is a review and some excerpts.


Books are significant. In today’s digital age, many have come to forget this. They go online, see what some news site, blog, or online research organization has discovered and take it for granted that the information gathered comes from the world of printed media. It is there that one must begin his search for knowledge.

offers plenty of free facilities, called libraries, that aid ones search for knowledge in any area of interest. This is one thing that I do admire about America, and an additional point of disgust with modern Hellas. Hellenes are deprived of a vast library network that is spread across the country. There is no neighborhood library where people may gather to read periodicals and check out books for free. Instead they flock to soccer stadiums, bars, clubs, and brothels. University libraries in Hellas are pathetic with their meager collection books. Compare this to America where there does exist a network of local libraries and the top 300 universities in the country have between 800,000 books to 18 million books apiece.

Why this apathy on the part of Hellas? I’m sure that the right will blame the left and the left will blame the right. I, being a loyalist to the Hellenic Republic blame both. The left is traditionally an anti-intellectual movement, and the right in Hellas has not had the vision to tear down the stadiums and build libraries in the villages. Instead, the Junta actually insisted that a soccer field be built in every village! I’ve yet to see a political party that has promised a library in every town. Sure, the national archives exist, but those are a joke since there is no serious collection effort, and the cataloguing is hideous. The new one will be built in Athens, another ludicrous move. Why not build it in Ioanina or Orchomenos?

Sadly, without a library (or even internet) Hellenes will continue to be blinded to their world, and continue to drown in their mass media reality. This is the likely reason why there is not a reading culture in Hellas. The souls possessed by mass media are easier to manipulate than those that are well-read. This, in my opinion, is why Hellas has no libraries. Moreover, this is also why the internet is not widely available in Hellas. Information threatens power.


Turkish Genocides

This aritcle is of interest regarding the Armenian genocide and Turkey. The Hellenic genocide interests me more. The University of Hawaii remebers the Hellenes. Check out this website. And this part of it too.

Genocide Page 1
Genocide Page 2
Extensive Links

Onassis' Gemstones

Onassis, JFK, Howard "The Aviator" Hughes, Albanian commandos in the waters around Skorpios all make the The Gemstone File an interesting read.

Turkey's Heart of Darkness

Mustapha Kemal Ataturk is one of the most frightening anthropoids to exist in the 20th century. His bloodlust, hatred for Hellenism and Christianity, and genocidal exploits make him a hero to the Turks. Ataturk systematic ethnic cleansing of Hellenes and Armenians were admired by Hitler. Observing that nobody cared about the genocides of Asia Minor, he thought that the international community’s apathy towards mass murder would persist allowing him to cleanse Europe of the Jews.

What has always bothered me is that American policy makers hail the vicious Ataturk and his ideology which is embraced by Modern Turks as a role model for all Arab leaders. They praise his alleged introduction of secularism and democracy to Modern Turkey. Americans should be careful for what they wish for since Ataturk is more similar to Stalin or Hitler rather than the George Washington type that they envision him as. Ataturk did not embrace secularism. Had he, the Hellenic Orthodox religion would not be considered a threat to Turkish national security, as it is today. I find it ironic that Sadamm Hussein did truly create a secular state in the religiously charged Middle East. He allowed Christians into positions of power. Of course, no American would use Saddam as an example to be followed by the Arab world since he was a dictator who killed his own people. As was Ataturk.

But Ataturk is gone, and Turkey has changed, some naïve person might argue. No. Ataturk’s spirit is alive and well in the hearts and minds of citizens of the Mongolian anomaly. The preamble of the Turkish constitution reads:

In line with the concept of nationalism and the reforms and principles
introduced by the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Atatürk, the immortal
leader and the unrivalled hero…

With these words it becomes clear that the Mongolian entity proudly embraces Ataturk’s reforms including ethnic cleansing, pseudo-secularism, pseudo-history, a cult of personality, and a military regime in place to assure Ataturks immaterial ghost that the path of the civil government will never ever stray off the course of Ataturkist revolution.

PS: Replace the word Ataturk with Stalin or and ask yourself, is it a good thing that Turkey still worships Ataturk and defends this anthropoids actions when he is comparable to the Soviet madman?



The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory has released a study that confirms that telelkenisis is possible. U.S.A.F. study (P.D.F. Document) page 55. Perhaps the collective will power of Hellenic patriots can guide a dozen or so Turkish jets to crash into the genocidal Ataturks grave. Well, the study itself is interesting, and makes me wonder, if this information is declassified now, what is the classified research up to?

Yorgo the Turk

Markellus K posts on Ambrosia Ephemeris this picture of the maniac Kemal overlooking American Rice and Mongolian Gul. Brings back memories of Bravo Yorgo: Here is the same picture, taken at an earlier point in time, but with Rice replaced by Yorgo.


Democracy: Cyprus, Iraq

The Mongolids make some valid arguments here.
Turkey has long complained that Kurdish groups were illegally moving Kurds into Kirkuk, a strategic northern city, in an effort to tip the city's population balance in their favor.
Perhaps the Kurds learned from tactics the Mongolian entity used in the occupied Cypriot territories. Furthermore, the Mongolids are concerned with the prospect that democracy in Iraq will not truely: "reflect the true proportions of Iraqi society,''
The Turks have given Papadopoulos some good ammunition to argue against Kofi-Angloamerican vision for Cyprus, the so called "Anan Plan." This plan gives the minority the right to rule over the majority.

U.S. And Turkey

A contact informed me of a frustrating conversation with a high ranking career diplomat of the U.S. Department of State.

He asked the official, why on Earth does the U.S. have an interest in Turkey when it is not a reliable ally? He remained the diplomat that during the 1973 Arab-Israeli war Turkey allowed the Soviet Union military overflight rights to Soviet aircraft flying to help the Arabs. The U.S., a NATO ally, was not granted these rights by the Turks because they wanted to help the Israel's. Further, a Soviet MIG pilot defected with his plane to Turkey, and once again, the unreliable Turks did not allow American intelligence or military officials to inspect the plane. Finally, the current Turkish infiltrating into Kurdistan are causing problems with the American occupation of that country. So, he asked, what is the point of maintaining a strategic relationship with a country that is not a reliable ally? The diplomats response was a sputter or two, and after trying to get out of the situation finally admitted that Turkey and America just agree to disagree at some times.

Turks, it appears, have the will power to play chicken with the Americans whereas the Hellenic govenrment tries all it can to make sure that the Americans are not disappointed with their actions towards the Turks. I've always thought that the Turks are operating as if they are still the rulers of the Ottoman Empire. The Hellenes operate as if they are not a sovereign nation that can never convince potential friends that their interests lie with Hellas rather than with the Turks. I



Macedonia as a country that is seperate from Hellas does not exist. Macedonia is a region in northern Hellas in the same way that California is a region in America. There is a community of people who have formed a country that exists on Hellas' northern border who inhabitants like to call themselves "Macedonians", which they are not. These people are Vardarians.


Jesus' Hellenic Tongue

Did Jesus Speak Ελληνικά? I've always thought yes, but people say that I am biased. So here is Ken Litwak's view on the matter, which confirms to some extent that Jesus had a Hellenic tongue.

Turkish Nukes

The last thing Hellas needs is a nuclear Mongolian Entity. While this link is a bit outdated, the Mongolids have renewed their interest in the the Akkuyu Bay nuclear reactor project. The Mongolian building standards that assure collapse of infrastructure in an earthquake is enough to worry about. It's scary enough to think that some generals who worship the evil spirit of Ataturk every month on the full moon might get their hands on some nuclear material.

Dr. Strangelove: Or How I America is Using the Bomb

Over the weekend I attended a conference which was followed by a dinner gathering of some faculty members of the institute of higher learning which I attend. With the cocktails going round, the lips loosening, and the braggadocio of some professors/policymakers spilling secrets that would take months of researching to uncover in the open sources my ears were on high alert for conversations of interests. While the bull was being shot from one mouth to another an unnamed man who works with the U.S. intelligence community began to speak about nuclear weapons and how they are used today to deter terrorists. What I heard disgusted me.

After September 11, 2001 some lunatic in the Bush administration had the great idea of placing nukes in several Muslim holy sites in the Middle East. He or she believed that by doing so, the United States government could assure Bin Laden that Mecca would be wiped off the face of this good Earth should he strike against America again. Further, the nukes were to be activated if the geographic boundaries of Israel were to be disturbed by her feisty neighbors. This, he explained is why there have not been any attacks. The problem, he complained, was getting the Arab governments to believe that the threat was real, and then getting the word to Bin Laden. Well, it did.

I can now understand Iran’s position in its quest for nuclear fuel/weapons. America has justified this quest. The United States, being the only country that has used nukes (and using nukes) for strategic purposes must be disarmed immediately. Enola Gay, General Macarthur with his nuclear fetish, and several Cold War episodes are more than enough evidence that America cannot be trusted with the power to hold onto nuclear weapons.

I assume that this information is open source because the person was speaking about it in a public place. If anyone knows a source where I can find this (academic journal, news clipping, etc). please leave a comment.

False Flags

Fake Rocket Attack

from Xymphora Blog

Things Israeli do not typically interest me, but the links provided by this blog indicate that there is some decohesion within the Israeli forces.


Moving Daze

I'm in the middle of moving form one house to another, hence the lack of posts. I'll begin writing again on Wednesday.


"The Turks"

As the Turks unleash their cultural mythology on Europe with "The Turks", what is the Hellenic government doing to counter such propaganda? Oh, that's right, nothing. The Hellenic Minister of Culture is a bloody fool will do nothing to displease his masters in Ankara, Washington, and Tel Aviv. Noam Chomsky calls the countries of which these cities are capitals the real “axis of evil” (real player video) in a speech he gave in 2002 at Harvard University. The phrase can be found somewhere in the middle of his speech.

No Alcohol...say the Mongolids

An unnamed Austrian diplomatic source from Brussels told me the other day:
When we gave Turkey the O.K. to begin accession negotiations with the E.U. last December, we all knew that it would never happen. As the Champaign began to pour in celebration of the end of the convention, we realized that the Turks were not drinking. Asking them why, they said that as Muslims they cannot drink. We began to wonder, how can Turkey be European if they do not drink?
Considering that Turkey is not European in any way why would an E.U. official would even consider letting them in? One reason is American pressure. The U.S. cannot risk the E.U. coming together and putting extreme diplomatic pressure on America aimed at blocking their imperialism in the Middle East. With Turkey dividing Europe, America can do as it pleases with Iran and Syria without worrying too much about Europe’s reaction. Hence, a Europe busy with Turkey cannot form into a counter wieght that will keep American imperialism in check.


History Unleashed (B)

On this day (February 2) in history...

871 A.D. The Imperial fleet under the command of Nikita Orupha takes over Bari and kicks the Arabs out of Southern Italy.

1897: Timoleon Vasos with 2,000 men land at the Yonias Kolomvariou monastery in Hania, Crete with the orders to fight for the islands independence from the Turks.

2005: Today, the Hellenic Navy allows politicians to obey the rules that Ankara sets for the Aegean. The chief of the Naval General Staff plans his visit to Turkey to overlap with the date when the Turks shot down a helicopter over Imia in 1996. Hellas needs a new officer corps, or at least a purging of those men who were placed in their position because they would obey orders from Athens even if it went against their oaths to protect the sovereignty of the Hellenic Republic, which the government is failing to do.


History Unleashed (A)

On this day (February 1st) in 1918 the Turks utilized their skills at barbaric violence to purge Hellenes from cities, towns, and villages they inhabited for thousands of years in Asia Minor. Thousands resisted, and they were slaughtered.

In 1956 the British occupying forces in Cyprus violently crushed a student demonstration in Cyprus.

Today, the British government supports Turkey's entry into the European Union. Kick the Anglo-Saxons out of the E.U., and terminate the Mongolians' application. That is, if you support the vision of a strong Europe.

Taki's Totalitarian Chic

Taki laconic examenation of symbols in the latest issue of The American Conservative is a grand exposition of hypocrisy. His column is not up online yet, but here is a sneak peak. The column is in the context of Prince Harry’s Nazi antics.

“If one can wear a Mao, or a hammer-and-sickle pin, one can wear a Wehrmacht helmet. We cannot be selective in our mass murderers… Next to me was Joan Juliet Buck, an old friend and former editor of French Vogue. She wore a hammer-and-sickle pin on her hat. ‘How would you like it if I wore a tiny swastika on my lapel?’ I asked her. Joan did not like it. ‘It’s not the same,’ she said. But I am afraid it is. We are free to wear a pin commemorating Communism, ignoring the enormity of Communist crimes. If anyone should be aggrieved [by Harry] it is the few remaining Afrika Korps veterans who would have rather died than wear a swastika.” To find out why, wait a couple of days until the column goes online. If it does not go online, I will update this post.