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On Rejecting Turkey

On Saturday the 22 of January the president of the French political party Front National and Euro congressman Jean Lepen visited Athens and appeared on a panel discussion hosted by Michael Voridis’ Hellenic Front party. This was part of a campaign against Turkish membership in he E.U. organized by Hellenic Front. The French politician gave an interview at 11:15 a.m. with Christos Harito, the director of communications of Hellenic Front, to the press. Also present at the interview was Karl Lang, a Euro congressman and member of Front National.

Lepen was accepted by the crowd who honored him with an enduring ovation and acclaim. The enthusiastic support for the French politician, who has always supported Hellas in the Euro Parliament, was apparent. In the conference room where the interview was held, the wall was lined with the posters of Hellenic Front and Front National on which proclamations against Turkish entry into the E.U were written.

Christos Harito translated for the large gathering of major newspaper, television, and electronic journalists who were covering the event.

Haritos introduced Lepen, who saluted and him with the following words: “We are uniting our forces with the force of Front National. We are honored to have with us Jean Marie Lepen, who was chosen by 6,000,000 French patriots to represent them as their President. This was achieved in an environment where fear and an unimaginable amount of political pressure dominated the campaign against him. We are with him because we believe, as he does, that Turkey should not be admitted into the European Union.”

Immediately afterwards, as the applause died down, Lepen took the stage.

“I have a special bond with Hellas: social, political, and emotional. My wife is a Hellene, and this makes me a PhilHellene. I am feeling anguished, as a self respecting human would be if saw a person drowning, and above all, the drowning person belonged to his family. An ancient dictum says that when Zeus wanted to destroy someone, he would first drive him mad. Only in this context can someone scrutinize the decisions of the support the Hellenic government gives Turkey for its membership in the European Union. The Ancient gods of Hellas shut their eyes on a republic in order to show them the mistakes it made, and to help the leaders see reason. That is my role. I have come here to Hellas to close the eyes of the [Hellenic] Republic and point out its mistake.

The stance of the Hellenic government and all traditional political parties who envision Turkey in the E.U. is inconceivable and inapprehensible. A YES in favor of Turkey’s accession into the E.U. is a direct threat to the security and integrity of Hellas, and essentially its national existence. If the Hellenic government and the established political parties do not say NO to Turkey, Cyprus, Dodekanisa, and all the Hellenic regions bordering Turkey will be occupied within a few years by the Turks. This will occur without a war having been fought.

Turkey should not be allowed to enter the E.U. because it is not a European country. Neither geographically, historically nor culturally. By analogy, if we were to develop a soccer team, then we would not invite basketball and volleyball players to the try outs. We would invite soccer players to apply. Similarly, if we wanted to create a European Union, we would invite European countries and not Asiatic ones like Turkey.

I still remember what my father used to tell me when I was young. He had been on a French frigate during the destruction of Smyrna in 1922. The frigate was not able to approach the waterfront because the sea was filled with corpses of slaughtered Hellenes. A French landing team found 1,000 patients butchered in Smyrna’s hospital. That is Turkey. Perhaps you will respond that a lot of time has passed and that such incidents have been blown away by the northeastern winds. However, these winds only change the picture temporarily, the substrate remains the same and sooner or later the same picture surfaces once again.

Allow me to tell you one parable from the Dark Ages. When Joan of Arc was asked by her judges why as a Christian she did not love the British, she answered that she did love them, but she only loves the British in their own country. In the same way, we do not hate the Turks, we love them, but in their own country.

As a friend I have the following advice to offer Hellenes. REGAIN YOURSELFS. At this moment you can avoid the worst. If you do not wake up, then in a few years it will be too late. In Hellas today, there exists a patriotic party, which can offer solutions to the problems Hellas has. This is the Hellenic Front, and Makis Voridis and I tell you to support them with all of your efforts.”

Translated from Ελληνικά to English: source

The press release goes on and covers a question and answer session. Of imprtance there is the speculation that Karatzaferis' LA.O.S. party might join forces with Hellenic Front. Indeed, Karatzaferis and Voridis have been getting closer ever since fall/winter 2004. Patriots unite!


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    Regarding Smyrna. An excellent book on this is George Horton's "Blight of Asia." Mr. Horton was the American Consul-General in Smyrna. He provides his own eyewitness accounts as well as provides eyewitness accounts from impartial 3rd parties. In order to ensure that no arguments could be made regarding the testimony given in this book, no accounts from Greeks or Armenians are provided. This results in a irrefutable account of the genocidal events that took place in that city, starting on September 9th, 1922.

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