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Remeber Imia

30 January 1996:

Keep the memory of Panayotis Blahakos, Hector Yallopsos, and Christodoulos Karathanasis alive. These fine men died in service to their country.

The politicians in Athens did not for a second think of the words of General George Patton when thinking about their strategy for resolving the crisis around Imia: "The objective of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his". When will Hellenes follow this logic?

The analysis of the Imia crisis offered by offers the explanation that the reason why we failed to win. The crisis was handled as a political not a military one. Of course, war and politics are intertwined, but the Hellenic government is composed of a heap of politicians that do not have the will for war. The Hellenes of the past two decades have been brainwashed into accepting tha twar is wrong no matter what. NO. War is a neccesary evil that allows a country to maintain its sovreignty.

In my opinion, there was a better strategy that could have been followed. Instead of sending the fleet over to the island, the politicans should have sent a high ranking Hellenic Orthodox priest to bless the island and raise a cross. Within a few days a church should have been built on the island.Of course, such actions should have begun in 1994 Hellas should have gone and built churches on all the small islands near Turkey so that claims of so called grey zones would be more difficult.

Air Disater Discussion
The (Possible) Truth About Imia

In Memory of Ioannis Metaxas

On January 29, 1941 one of Modern Hellas’ greatest leaders, Ioannis Metaxas, passed away.

Born on the island of Ithaki (Ithaca) on the 12 of April 1871, Metaxas was a student at the Military Academy in Athens from 1885 to 1889. He fought in the Turkish War of 1897 under the leadership of Crown Prince Constantine. In 1899 until 1903, Metaxas was in Berlin studying at the War Academy there. During the First Balkan War (1912-1913) Metaxas served on the general staff.

May we remember his accomplishments and honor his memory. When one reads Metaxas’ diaries, he will understand that the Metaxas’ character was a rare phenomenon in Modern Hellenic history. As a leader, he wanted the best for his country. He used logic and reason to come to his decisions. To demonstrate his rationality I offer you this evidence to contrast with Eleftherios Venizelos’ irrational behavior in the pursuit of the Megali Idea. Metaxas opposed the campaign in Anatolia which ended catastrophically. Of course, after the fact, he was vindicated. Had the government listened to him before the venture, perhaps Anatolia would still have a sizable Hellenic population.

He was appointed Prime Minister by King George II on 13 April 1936, and on August 4 1936 his dictatorship was established with the King. What many forget to mention is that Hellas’ democracy was (and is today) not functional. In February 1938, Metaxas attempted to eliminate all traces of democracy and to create a police state that was underpinned with social welfare, minimum wage legislation, and the creation of public works. It was
a mixture of old-fashion authoritarianism based on Hellenic Orthodoxy, coporatism, and a cult of Hellenism. The cultural climate thus created, referring back to Spartan ideals and imbued with militarism and moral censorship, left to bans not only the disgusting works of Marx and Lenin but also the works of the infamous Heine, Freud, Shaw. The Antigone of Sophocles and works by Thucydides were also censored. With all the respect I do have for Metaxas, the Hellenic texts should not have been censored.

When reading Metaxas' diaries (and not commentaries of them) one sees that Metaxas himself was an intellectual man who was extremely well read. I wonder, is any documentation of what books where in his library existant? Of course there are his refrences in his diaries, but those are not all his books.

I doubt that many politicians today have picked up any books other than the latest trash novel. The politicians then and today were and are giant statues with clay feet. Metaxas was a giant with titanium feet. It is about time that we review this man with an unbiased historical lense. To crack the leftists myths surrounding Metaxas would be to raise the expectations of the Hellenic people to demand leaders of his quality.

Extensive paraphrasing from: Philip Rees. Biographical Dictionary of the Extreme Right Since 1890. (Simon and Schuster: New York, 1990).


History Rewriting at its Finest

Inside Hitler’s Greece. The title of the book is misleading and misinforming to say the least, unless Mark Mazower wants, by resuscitating the past, to justify the present and capitalize for the future within the European Union.

In fact the Axis powers divided Hellas into three zones of occupation. The Germans controlled Athens-Piraeus, Thessaloniki and the area between Aliakmon and Strymon rivers as well the Aegean Islands and Crete; the area from the Strymon River to the Greek Turkish frontier was annexed by the Bulgarians; the rest of the country went to the Italians until the Italian armistice of 8th September 1943. All the occupiers were as brutal as their Germans allies were. The Germans were not either more or less brutal than the Anglo-Americans, Russians and French in Germany after the war (Perry Biddiscombe, Werewolf!), British in Cyprus (The Black Book of British Crimes in Cyprus, unpublished and decaying in the archives of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.), French in Algeria (General Paul Aussaresses, The Battle of the Casbah). This is has been the case of the occupiers around the world and the entire history of mankind.

The real beast during this tragic period was the communist barbaric ELAS who fell upon the unarmed Hellenes and murdered, murdered, murdered. It would have been interesting if "professor" Mazower had included in his book some statistics: i.e. how many Germans were killed by ELAS activities, how many Hellenes were executed by the German and how many Hellenes were murdered by the ELAS and its cohorts of thugs. The real heroes of this tragic period, the Hellenic Governments in occupied Hellas are vilified and called "collaborationists". The real collaborationists were the politicians who escaped in Middle East and on the payroll of the British spent their days conspiring against each others and their night in the cabarets of Alexandria (Egypt). This behavior forced the Nobel Prize George Seferis to write: "the ineptitude and stupidity of the Greek ruling class makes you vomit" (George Seferis. War Diaries).

The famine of 1941-42, the most tragic event of the period which had reached genocidal proportion, an estimated 7% of the prewar 7.5 millions of the Hellenes population died because of the famine, is dealt in such a way to put the entire blame on the Germans, and whitewash the British. In reality the British blockade of the Mediterranean was the major cause of starving the Hellenic people to death. (Pau Maun, Per Arma Caritas). In Greek). It was a blockade that was enforced selectively to target the Hellenes, while Vichy France had all of the Mediterranean supply routes open. It has been commented that the "only direct blockade advantage that the Allies could have hoped to draw from the starvation of Hellas was the embarrassment of German transport arrangements, rather than any appreciable diminution of Axis supplies". This obviously was hardly worth the tens of thousand dead due to the British policy of genocide by famine in Hellas

As far as the annihilation of the Hellenic Jewry "professor" Mazower offers the paradigmatic truth. The fate of the Jews in Hellas was sealed by the impious alliance between Nazism and Zionism. The Germans would not be able to round up the Jews in Thessaloniki (or Salonika, if he wishes) without help from Zionist groups. Along with the Germans the so-called Albala Command operated in an efficient and effective way to deliver the Jews to their exterminators. (Matarasso, Not All of Them Died, in Ellinika and very rare book,). Concluding this book is the best example of "when the myth becomes fact, write the myth".


Famine Holocaust

BBC had the audacity to report on the lost Jews of Greece. The writer of the article makes sure that there is no doubt in the readers mind that the Jewish population of 80,000 in Hellas was wiped out by the Nazi’s. Conveniently, the BBC fails to mention that England is directly responsible for the death of 7% of the Hellenic population in the winter of 1941-1942. Women, children, men and the elderly all lost their lives during the great famine that was a result of the British blockade. For more on this, please refer to my review of Mazower’s Inside Hitler’s Greece.

I ask, why should Hellas have a holocaust memorial day that focuses on the suffering of one religious group consisting of 80,000? Why do we not officially remember the approximatley 500,000 victims of the British blockade? If the government wishes to be politically correct, they can remember the Jews too. Instead of rewriting the school books to emphasize the Jewish Holocaust, they could at least have the courage to say that they will also rewrite the books to remind Hellenes of the British holocaust. Further, Britain must acknowledge its genocide as Germany did hers. The situation as it is today slanders the memory of the victims of the Famine Holocaust.


Graecosaxon: Panos Valvanis

Graecosaxons are everywhere. Whenever I see an article about Hellas or by a person bearing a Hellenic name, a Graecosaxon’s nonsense is either lurking somewhere in the text or the text was written by the Graecosaxon him or her self..

Panos Valvanis is a classical archaeologist at the University of Athens. I admit, I have never read any publications by him. Some quotations that appear in the magazine Archaeology attributed to Valvanis are enough to make sure that I never touch a work of his. Unless it is to cut his argument to pieces with the ancient diamond of logic first conceived by the glorious Hellenes of better days. I will get to Valvanis in a moment, first I will briefly outline the article his anti-Hellenic mutterings are to be found.

The title of the article is called The Gods Return to Olympus: In Today’s Greece, worshipping Zeus is a Controversial Practice. It describes a movement currently underway in Hellas that aims to revive the Ancient Hellenic Religion. Overall, these good Hellenes simply want to worship Zeus instead of Jesus, complain about Christianity destroying ancient temples, and complain that they are not allowed to worship at ancient temples.

I have not done enough research to comment on their desires, but I think that it is not a bad movement. I am a proud Hellenic Orthodox Christian Patriot who will live and die by the tenets of my religion, but these Revivalists are also Patriots and for this I must commend them. I would rather have a number of Revivalists sharpening their knives in preparation to skin the enemies of Hellas residing in Hellas instead of a Graecosaxon Orthodox Christian looking for any opportunity to demean his nation and heritage. The agenda of the Graecosaxon is more hostile to Hellas than that of the Revivalist.

To further my point about the good people of the Revivalist movement I will here quote the article at a point before Valvanis is introduced.

The Greeks are different in that their values are deeply bound to the glory of the ethnos – a word that unifies all of the biological and cultural facets of nationality…with the country’s integration into the European Union, the collective anxiety over loosing “Greekness” only amplifies the urge [to be Hellenic]. And so among the Hellenes followers are also found a large and sordid assortment of extreme nationalists.”(66).

And out comes Valvanis rearing his ugly words to make sure that the foreign reader does not think for one moment that Hellenic nationalists have any reason to be proud for the miracle of the Hellenic intellect. Valvanis writes: “But Valvanis notes that a wide spectrum of Modern Greeks –not only the pagans- are convinced that everything in their ancient world evolved with them. ‘Although they say their alphabet for instance, comes from Linear B, the Mycenaean alphabet, there is a gap of 400 years between the destruction of the Mycenaean palace system and the first appearance of the Greek alphabet,’ he [Valvanis] observes, pointing out that the Greeks ended up adopting the Phoenician alphabet. ‘The Ancient Greeks recognized that knowledge came from the East, and they respected the Egyptians and Phoenicians very much’ says Valvanis. ‘Educated Greeks such as Herodotus and Plato like to go there. They expressed in their texts that they took a lot of their knowledge from the Egyptians and Phoenicians. The Ancient Greeks didn’t only invent things themselves –rather, their special gift was to adapt from their neighbors, and change and improve”.

NO! The Ancients were not how Valvanis describes them. Instead of supporting the Afrocentric view, why don’t you do some serious scholarship like Robert Hahn has done regarding where the Hellenes got their ideas? In Anaximander and the Architects, Hahn offers a contrary view:

Several scholars have argued the strong claim that what we admire about Hellenic civilization was derived ultimately from Egypt –the so called Afrocentric hypotheses…It is obvious to anyone who compares Hellenic with Egyptian monumental temple architecture that there are more important differences in style and function. The Greeks were not simply imitator architects, but they did not develop the entire art from ground zero either. Possibly they learned a few things that were both relevant and material to their philosophical activities but they were certainly not imitators of Egyptian philosophy” (Hahn, 40).

Hahn’s view is more fair and balanced than Valvanis’ effort to please someone, somewhere, sitting in some endowed chair. This so that he to may be able to go research at his pushers university by means of degrading his country and himself instead of doing some scholarly research. While Hahn’s view is still not satisfactory by my standards, overall his book is not a bad read that should have been written by a Hellene.

Some relevant links:

Archaeology Article Abstract
Phoenician Deception
Hellenic Revivalist Website

Chemically Enhanced Albanians

The Washington Post reported earlier in January that stockpiles of chemical weapons were found in concrete bunkers in Albania. These weapons, imported from China by the dictator Hoxcha to protect Albania from its enemies. One of the letters to the editor regarding the article says: "I was surprised that Joby Warrick's Jan. 10 article did not mention the regular presence of al Qaeda in, and visits by Osama bin Laden to, Albania in the mid to late 1990s." and he also reminds us that "In July 1999 then-Defense Secretary William S. Cohen canceled a visit to Albania to avoid a "hornet's nest" of Osama bin Laden militants and operatives, as one television network described the situation." William must been quite confused since he had just finished bombing Serbia to the ground for the sake of some Albanian scoundrels. The Clinton administration never took Osama as seriously as they should have, and that is why Qaeda had all the time it needed (from 1996 when Osama declared war on America) to prepare for September 11, 2001. I wonder, do Bubba (Clinton) and Cohen ever stop, kneel down, and start banging their heads on the pavement regreting their catastrophic policy in the Balkans?

I'm quite certain that the majority of the good people of Albania are not members of the K.L.A. or U.C.K. Some might sympathize with the declared objectives of these terror groups, while others might not. However, I am certain that regardless of a persons stance on these groups, should there be any gains by U.C.K. in its quest for a Greater Albania, the moderate Albanian will not demand a return to the current status quo.


Turkey, the Blight of Asia

An anonymous commentator wrote on H.H.E. George Horton’s The Blight of Asia. The full name of the book is The Blight of Asia: An Account of the Systematic Extermination of Christian Populations by Mohammedans and the Culpability of Certain Great Powers; With the The True Story of Smyrna (well that's a mouthful!). It is a must read for anyone who would like an unbiased account of the genocide at Smyrna. Horton was a Consul in the region for over 30 years.

On a lighter note, Horton was a PhilHellene who has written many books about Hellas that are actually quite entertaining glimpses of what life was like in the country back then. I also recommend Home of Nymphs and Vampires: The Isles of Greece. In one of the stories, and I cannot remember exactly which one, Horton wonders: Why do the Hellenes try to act more American than the Americans? The poor man was vacationing on a Hellenic isle in the Aegean with the hope of escaping American culture, and the Hellenes were dancing to the latest American tunes.

Today they still dance on the islands instead of relaxing to the sound of waves and sight of stars. The tune of the enslaving techno beat and laser lights of clubs are more appealing to young and old trendsetters alike. In the Ancient days a drum beat was used to keep the trireme rowers in sync. Today it is used to keep the masses in sync.

Graecosaxon: Eleftherios Venizelos

In the book The Tragedy of Greece by S.P.P. Cosmetatos (rare) offers a glimpse into one notorious Graecosaxon, Eleftherios Venizelos. I’ll quote excerpts from this work with the hope of shattering the enduring myth of Venizelos. In case your eyes get sore reading these, I’ll let you know that I’ve saved the most damning evidence for last.

---Begin quotations---

On the outbreak of war, Serbia appealed to Greece for military aid, on the strength of the Greco-Serbian alliance, but Mr. Venizelos had no difficulty in pointing out to the Serbian Government that there as no casus foedris (Cosmetatos, 6).

On 18th August, 1914, Venizelos stated in the Council of Ministers that he had formed the conviction that the war would terminate in three weeks time in the complete defeat of the Central Powers. As it was important that Greece should be among the victors, he proposed to offer Greek military assistance to France and Britain….The reply this time came promptly. The Entente thanked Greece, but thought that for the present it was not desirable that there should be any extension of the war in the Balkans. Weeks and months passed, but events did not confirm Venizelos’ prognostications (Cosmetatos, 7-8).

What was asked of Greece [by the Entente] was that she should send her armies 400 kilometers beyond her frontiers without consideration of their communications, which would remain exposed for hundreds of kilometers –in Macedonia- to a Bulgarian attack. It was known in Athens that the Bulgarians we already the allies of the Central Powers, but Paris and London obstinately refused to admit the fact. Venizelos and the general staff accordingly made Greek consent conditional on the active cooperation of Bulgaria and also of Roumania; and this the Entente could not guarantee.

So far as appearances went, Greece continued to remain neutral. At Salonica, however, with the cooperation of the Greek authorities, a great Serbian supply depot had been established. Finally, at the time of the great Austrian offensive in November, King Constantine sanctioned the loan to Serbia of nearly the whole of the stock of shells in the hands of the Greek artillery. This was done to save the Serbs who were short of munitions and were retreating precipitately before the Austrians. The service which Greece rendered to the cause of the Entente on this occasion was inestimable for the Allies were still short of munitions (Cosmetatos, 8-9).

In connection with the matter there is a fact that should not be lost sight of. The shells given to Serbia were subsequently made good to Greece by France. On the delivery of the shells, however, the Greek authorities pointed out that almost the whole of these were not of the right caliber for the Greek artillery…A year later, at the time of the German-Bulgarian invasion of Serbia, the Entente asked Greece to enter the war at a day’s notice, forgetting that they themselves had ruined Greece’s small store of munitions. And it will be seen later on that the suddenness and rapidity of the German-Bulgar march in the autumn of 1915, and the inadequacy of the Allied production of munitions, prevented this lamentable error from being repaired in time (Cosmetatos, 9).

Finally, the Entente made a third attempt, on 15th February 1915, to persuade Venizelos to send help to the Serbs. Venizelos refused for the same reasons as before. Their three refusals, although determined by the logic of necessity, caused considerable bitterness in Paris and London against Venizelos…Under these conditions Venizelos’ only means of rehabilitating himself was to become the pivot of the reconstitution of the Balkan League –so much desired by the Entente- and to endeavor to induce Bulgaria to come in by means of a cession of Greek territory. This conception, itself due to a sudden bellicose impulse, led Venizelos to address to the king two confidential letters in which he proposed to cede to Bulgaria, the hereditary enemy of Greece, the richest province of his country-the Macedonian district of Drama-Cavala- as the price of Bulgaria’s active participation in the war on the side of the Allies; Greece eventually receiving in Asia Minor the cession of an area which he was please to estimate (without the knowledge of the Entente) at 125,000 square kilometers. It was on this occasion that in order to safeguard the person s and property of the Greeks living in the district to be ceded to Bulgaria, Venizelos first conceived the inhuman idea of forcible exchange of populations, an idea of which he subsequently secured approval at Lausanne and which has brought the Greeks more ruin and misery than a long and costly war (Cosmetatos, 10).

--End quotations---

Tomes can be written on Venizelos' treachery. How he was installed into power by the French and British after they bombed Athens with their fleet. Imagine the U.S. sixth fleet today, sailing up to Pireaus harbor, bombing Athens, and afterwards declaring that Yorgo Papandreou is now the Prime Minister of Hellas just because the U.S. deems that its might is right.

Do you think that we should rename the airport from it current name of “El. Venizelos”? I have always thought it is a name more fitting for a Spanish airport rather than the Athens airport. Now, it appears I was wrong. Worse than Spanish, it is the family name of a Graecosaxon. Will we ever see an Ion Dragoumis, Adamantios Korais, or Ioannis Metaxas International airport? Doubtful.

Work Cited:

Cosmetatos, S.P.P. The Tragedy of Greece. translated E.W. and A. Dickes. (New York: Bretano's, 1928).

Military Women

This article provides further evidence that women cannot serve in the military without a policy that segregates them from the men.


On Rejecting Turkey

On Saturday the 22 of January the president of the French political party Front National and Euro congressman Jean Lepen visited Athens and appeared on a panel discussion hosted by Michael Voridis’ Hellenic Front party. This was part of a campaign against Turkish membership in he E.U. organized by Hellenic Front. The French politician gave an interview at 11:15 a.m. with Christos Harito, the director of communications of Hellenic Front, to the press. Also present at the interview was Karl Lang, a Euro congressman and member of Front National.

Lepen was accepted by the crowd who honored him with an enduring ovation and acclaim. The enthusiastic support for the French politician, who has always supported Hellas in the Euro Parliament, was apparent. In the conference room where the interview was held, the wall was lined with the posters of Hellenic Front and Front National on which proclamations against Turkish entry into the E.U were written.

Christos Harito translated for the large gathering of major newspaper, television, and electronic journalists who were covering the event.

Haritos introduced Lepen, who saluted and him with the following words: “We are uniting our forces with the force of Front National. We are honored to have with us Jean Marie Lepen, who was chosen by 6,000,000 French patriots to represent them as their President. This was achieved in an environment where fear and an unimaginable amount of political pressure dominated the campaign against him. We are with him because we believe, as he does, that Turkey should not be admitted into the European Union.”

Immediately afterwards, as the applause died down, Lepen took the stage.

“I have a special bond with Hellas: social, political, and emotional. My wife is a Hellene, and this makes me a PhilHellene. I am feeling anguished, as a self respecting human would be if saw a person drowning, and above all, the drowning person belonged to his family. An ancient dictum says that when Zeus wanted to destroy someone, he would first drive him mad. Only in this context can someone scrutinize the decisions of the support the Hellenic government gives Turkey for its membership in the European Union. The Ancient gods of Hellas shut their eyes on a republic in order to show them the mistakes it made, and to help the leaders see reason. That is my role. I have come here to Hellas to close the eyes of the [Hellenic] Republic and point out its mistake.

The stance of the Hellenic government and all traditional political parties who envision Turkey in the E.U. is inconceivable and inapprehensible. A YES in favor of Turkey’s accession into the E.U. is a direct threat to the security and integrity of Hellas, and essentially its national existence. If the Hellenic government and the established political parties do not say NO to Turkey, Cyprus, Dodekanisa, and all the Hellenic regions bordering Turkey will be occupied within a few years by the Turks. This will occur without a war having been fought.

Turkey should not be allowed to enter the E.U. because it is not a European country. Neither geographically, historically nor culturally. By analogy, if we were to develop a soccer team, then we would not invite basketball and volleyball players to the try outs. We would invite soccer players to apply. Similarly, if we wanted to create a European Union, we would invite European countries and not Asiatic ones like Turkey.

I still remember what my father used to tell me when I was young. He had been on a French frigate during the destruction of Smyrna in 1922. The frigate was not able to approach the waterfront because the sea was filled with corpses of slaughtered Hellenes. A French landing team found 1,000 patients butchered in Smyrna’s hospital. That is Turkey. Perhaps you will respond that a lot of time has passed and that such incidents have been blown away by the northeastern winds. However, these winds only change the picture temporarily, the substrate remains the same and sooner or later the same picture surfaces once again.

Allow me to tell you one parable from the Dark Ages. When Joan of Arc was asked by her judges why as a Christian she did not love the British, she answered that she did love them, but she only loves the British in their own country. In the same way, we do not hate the Turks, we love them, but in their own country.

As a friend I have the following advice to offer Hellenes. REGAIN YOURSELFS. At this moment you can avoid the worst. If you do not wake up, then in a few years it will be too late. In Hellas today, there exists a patriotic party, which can offer solutions to the problems Hellas has. This is the Hellenic Front, and Makis Voridis and I tell you to support them with all of your efforts.”

Translated from Ελληνικά to English: source

The press release goes on and covers a question and answer session. Of imprtance there is the speculation that Karatzaferis' LA.O.S. party might join forces with Hellenic Front. Indeed, Karatzaferis and Voridis have been getting closer ever since fall/winter 2004. Patriots unite!

American Phobias

The brouhaha caused by some Americans complaining about the Athens 2004 Opening Ceremony is indicative of a new American cultural trend which seeks to protect us all from obscene mass media.

Americans do need to understand that their phobia with things obscene is a grand irony. I’ll quote a footnote that can be found in the New York Review of Books, February 10, 2005:

The U.S. television network that recently broadcast a passing glimpse at Janet Jackson’s anatomy was excoriated for its wanton lapse of taste; but the avalanche of accompanying commercials for products designed to enhance male potency passed quote without comment. The female breast, it seems, can rot the nation’s moral core; but malfunctioning penises are wholesome family fare. (p. 37)

Replace the words “Janet Jackson” with “a women costumed as a Hellenistic statue” and you’ve got the authors words in the context of the opening ceremony.

The culture of rape and promiscuity promoted by Hollywood, hip-hop, and college fraternities seem to be ignored by Americas cultural crusaders.


300 Spartans

This movie is a must see for all Hellenes. Filmed in Hellas in 1962, the historical depiction is actually not bad. Hellas saved the Western world is the intended message of the film.

Now, why aren't epic films based on Hellenic history and mythology filmed in Hellas anymore. For instance, Troy was shot in Malta. Wouldn't it be nice if some good old fashioned Hellenocentric films were shot in Hellas today?


Have you seen me?

"A group of friends, 27-28 years old, who conveived this idea! To have [Hellas]decorated with Peaceflags!"

Giannos Livanos, practitioner attorney at law
Fiori Zafeiropoulou, franchisee - buisiness consultant
Sofia Michaletou, economist
Jason Frydakis, IT consultant
Athina Papatheodorou, IT consultant
Mariliza Anastasopoulou, economist - photographer
Antonis Korakas, actor
Katerina Paramithioti, attorney at law
Annie Aivazi, human resources coordinator
Evie Chioti, marketing and communications
Katerina Sefteli, attorney at law
Miranta Vlavianou, psychologist
Ioanna Fratzeskaki, international relations consultant
Oly Aivazi, architect for interior design
Stavros Christodoulidis, attorney at law
Marilena Samara, attorney at law
Elina Koutrouba, attorney at law
Vera Kozani, interior designer
Marita Louri, attorney at law
Eleni Tsoukala, attorney at law
Eva Barbopoulou, attorney at law
Giorgos Kabolis, practitioner attorney at law
Iris Vikopoulou, economist
Victoria Papageli, civil engineer
Egli Balamatsi, IT consultant

"We would like to point out that we do not act on behalf of any political party nor any other organisation. We act on our own."

clike here to see the source of quotations and names.

I’m quite certain that I am not colorblind, but the peace flag looks eerily similar to the pro-promiscuity flags that gays and lesbians frantically wave around on their marriage crusades across America.

Oh, and what a surprise, Yorgo supports the effort. The "peace flag" that is. Did you even have to ask if he is pro-promiscuity? Promiscuity runs in the Papandreou genes without a doubt. Scroll down and payattention to the right hand column on his webpage. You’ll see his support of that cursed rainbow.

Multicultural Expressions

PODUJEVO,March 19, 2004
St. Elijah Orthodox Church, Serbia

A sizable Albanian mob helps the U.C.K. destroy an Orthodox church in Serbia. These are Osama’s allies. While the fascist House of Saud froths at the mouth in its quest to construct a Mosque and Islamic propaganda center in the Paiania suburb of Athens, they actively support the Christian hating extremist Albanians. You just can’t have Muslims burning down churches and at the same time negotiate to build Mosques which will spread intolerant views of Christianity with a good dose of Osama's Wahabi strain of thought.

I’ll allow the pictures to speak for themselves as to why the Hellenic government should cease its multicultural adventure. If you have a high bandwidth internet connection and view the videos on the linked site (click the pictures) you will notice the crowd clapping, and chanting “U.C.K!” as they march to the church and burn it.


This site is dedicated to Yorgo Papandreou’s severe case of Turkophilia. As his good friends will tell him while clapping to make sure he keeps the rhythm: BRAVO YORGO! (Ελληνικά).


Blogging, Journalism, and Credibility

Blogging, Journalism, and Credibility is a conference being sposored by and held at Harvard University. Check out their blog coverage of the event.

Graecosaxon: Takis Mihas

Full of bias, preconceived notions, and innuendos describes Taki Mihas’ book Unholy Alliance: Greece and Serbia in the Nineties. The material condition of his existence determines what is going on his realm of consciousness. Mihas has decided to become a pseudo-intellectual pop shlockmeister looking for a quick buck.

In this excellent work of fiction with footnotes, Mihas offers the reader evidence of his pernicious understanding of international law and relations which happen to coincide with those of the American government. The strong do what they must and the weak suffer as they must.

Too simplistic and sadly inaccurate. If he has the answers to a world more complex than is known, please offer them up for debate. Standing on a soapbox and waxing fondly over events gone by is neither helpful nor wanted, meaning that history is always written by the winners. When two cultures clash in war, the loser is obliterated and the winner writes the history books- books which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe.

Hellenes paid a high price in blood and destruction over the last 60 years fighting side by side with the American people for freedom and democracy to let any obscure individual, driven by self hate, in order to distort the facts and present them in a way to satisfy those who atavistically hate everything Hellenic.

Mihas writes about human rights, but he should remember that they are a universal good for everybody on the earth to enjoy and not to be considered as a tool to exercise foreign policy.

The several human rights outfits and the sorry groups of human right activists which sprang up from nowhere after the end of Cold War reminds one of the Congress for Cultural Freedom and its later revealed C.I.A. connection. These new human rights organizations also take you back to the International Rescue Committee, which had been absorbed into the American foreign policy establishment, and thus evolved to a global operation functioning as a link in the C.I.A.'s covert network.

The Serbs, victims of the Anglo-Saxon weapons of mass murder (WMM), are blocked out from the space of global representation that define the moral perceptions of the largest segment of world opinion.

Vacation in Hellas

In contrast to the disgusting experiences of tourists in Turkey, the Canadians have positive things to say about golden Hellas. Come anytime, but I advise the period of late May early July as the best time to visit.

Avoid staying on one island or in Athens. Sail the wonderful Aegean Sea (windy and wavy), Gulf of Corinth (calm, barely any wind), or Ionian Sea (via the Gulf of Corinth). This way you will have the opportunity to experience the larger, famous, bustling islands (Mykonos, Ithaka, Kephalonia, etc.), and you'll be able to find your own private paradise in one of the thousands of uninhabited islets accesible only to those who partake in the Hellenic sailing tradition.


In some cases, Turkey is Number One.

What does it take to be number one? In Turkey's case, providing tourists with diarrhea causing food and water.

Ola Kala

What is the etymology of the popular term O.K.? It is not an obvious abbreviation for any English phrase. For instance, “Oll Korrect” just makes no sense. According to a French diplomat who I had the pleasure of meeting a while back, this is how the term O.K. was born.

Back in the 1800’s, when America was rushing to realize its manifest destiny by building railroads to connect the East Coast with the West Coast, immigrants from Hellas were carrying out the dreadful task of laying down the rails so that the New York elite could get across the treacherous plains infested with “Injuns”, beyond the twisting slopes of the unforgiving Rocky Mountains and arrive safely in San Francisco within a week. The early Hellenic Diaspora worked hard, but building a railroad is not easy work. A damaged rail could derail the locomotive. Such a tragedy would cost lives, money, and ruin the public opinion regarding long distance rail travel. So, the Hellenes developed a way to keep track which rail was set, and which was not in order to avoid tragic mistakes. Rails that were in condition to carry traffic were labeled with the initials “O.K.” for Όλα Καλά (Ola Kala). This translates into all good.

All was not O.K. for the Hellenic immigrants back then. They were considered inferior to the Negroes. Opportunities to dominate the restaurant business were not available to them because of their race. Hence, the reason why they were driving spikes into the tracks for a living. With the birth of the Ku Klux Clan (Ku Klux from the word κύκλος [circle]) after the Civil War, Hellenes could be seen from time to time hanging lifeless from Southern trees. Now, why on Earth would the fascistic groups in Hellas be corresponding with the Ku Klux Klan today? That will remain a topic for another post.


Flashback: July 4, 2004

The victory of Eurocup 2004 must be a lesson for Hellenes around the world. Unite and you will achieve a goal to further your glory. Just as the Hellenic National Soccer team has a leader with strong discipline and tough work ethic, Hellenes should set the same standards for their government. The Hellenic soccer team has gained respect throughout the international soccer community. The Hellenic government remains a lot of good for nothing rascals (with a few exceptions of course).

Back in July, some chose to try and spoil the rare moment that a Hellene could be proud of his existence. The Globalists accused the rightfully happy fans that were overreacting to the event. These poor people have a severe allergic reaction to high concentrations of blue and white bars with cross in the upper corner to the right. This must be the reason why they turn Hellas' flags into soot. This for them is not an overreaction. The only burning flag that these scoundrels will cry for is the rainbow flag of peace.

Dervish to the Rescue

We Hellenes mourn for the death of the sailors of the Lady O. We apologize for not shooting down some Turkish jets and helicopters to help us better focus on the immediate mission of saving your entire crew. Turkish search and destroy squads aiming to exploit the tragedy for their political gain caused more deaths than should have occurred.

The dervish of Turkey’s unneeded assistance during the rescue operation occurred less than a week after a multi day and night search and rescue exercises with American and Israeli forces. Perhaps Attila never fully comprehended how to implement the “rescue” part of the military exercises.

In the Balkans, actions speak louder than words, and Turkish actions have been quite clear since the 1970’s. It seems that Hellas’ political elite was absent from Hellas too long and forgot the realities of the unfortunate geopolitical environment while they were being reformed in foreign universities. Today, the buffoons calling themselves leaders dance, laugh, and play koumparo with their Turkish masters. This while meekly conforming to ideaologies made in the U.S.A. America’s brilliant strategy of bringing the natives to America, educating them, and then outsourcing them back to Hellas that their will be no leaders working to further the national interest.

The Hellenic military must keep up their good work. Were it not for the Air Forces’ victories in mock dog fights, I doubt that negotiations between Hellenes and Turks would occur since the Turks would see no point in the tedious task of diplomacy. The restraining foreign policy created in the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be shredded and remade to take Hellas’ defense interests into account. Perhaps diplomats could be reminded of Carl von Clauswitz’s observation that “war is a continuation of politics by other means”. On the one hand, it does not seem that Hellenes understand this, while on the other hand this philosophy is what has allowed Turkey to survive. Hellas must change course now. Otherwise the Aegean Sea is lost, and Mount Olympus will be the next target of the whirling dervish.


C.I.A.'s 2020 Vision

Having read the recent assessment by the U.S. intelligence community of what the world will possibly look like by 2020 in Mapping the Global Future: Report of the National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project, I must say it was a surprise to see the CIA implicitly saying that Turkey should be kept out of Europe for the sake of the E.U's security. I'll include two passages from this publication here to support this observation.

This can be found on page 65 of the report in a mock U.N. Secretary General private diary.

I would say it started when Europe and America began to get together again. It turns out Venus and Mars cross each others orbits from time to time. The 2010 terrorist attacks in Europe had a lot to do with it. They changed attitudes and suddenly the Europeans had a better appreciation of catastrophic terrorism –a whole different kettle of fish from what they had known. Politics quickly became energized, particularly as the attacks were seen as totally unjustified. The seriousness of the attacks was such that Europe and America got beyond the name-calling and, in fact, Europeans began imploring America to get tough on terrorism.

Now, you might be wondering why a terrorist group struck Europe in 2010. Well, this report has some interesting remarks regarding the rise of Arab terrorism in the E.U. On page 66 we read:

On the European side, a lot had to do with Turkish accession- something I never expected to see. With the prospect of Turkey coming in, the Europeans realized that their border was now squarely in the Middle East and that meant they had to be more prepared to deal with the problems of terrorism, fundamentalism, youth bulges, etc.

So, this report seems quite clear that if Europe accepts Turkey, then terrorism in the E.U. will rise to catastrophic levels. Youth bulges are important to keep in mind since destructive and radical behavior is typically carried on by youth between the ages of 16-25. Looking at Turkey's demography, there will be plenty of Turks in this age group by 2010, 2015, and 2020.



Cell phones rot your brain. Hellenes have gone mad using these civilizing contraptions. I only use them for quick bursts of communication nowadays. Feeling dizzy after longer periods of use, I quit using the instrument as my primary communications device. Now, it appears that they cause problems in the brain of youths. This is a healthy brain.

And now this could be
your childs brain on cell phones.

Well, that’s frightening considering that the material in their heads is the same material as in yours and mine. One must note that the brains of children are still undergoing development and might be more prone to getting tumors. However, in extended doses, a cell phone radiating should affect anyone's head in the same way. Of course, the corporations will insist that nothing is wrong with cell phones. But I’m not going to take the risk of trusting the corporations when science tells me otherwise, and later on have an insider break the news. Big tobacco already pulled that one off and still sells their well marketed cancer in a box. Perhaps the public should use moderation to avoid a health crisis.


Macedonia is Hellenic.

Their name is Hellenic. They played a minor role in the Peloponnesian War. Their culture was Hellenic. Their language is Hellenic. Real Macedonians are Hellenic. Sure, they were referred to as barbarians by their Attic cousins, jokingly. You see, the Attic Hellenes thought that it wasn’t proper to drink ones wine without first mixing it with water. Since, the Macedonians didn’t do this, the ancient Attic joke goes, they were barbarians. In reality, they were not barbarians; they just had better wine than the Attic Hellenes.

So, why are the good people of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) hell bent on having their name recognized around the world as Macedonia? To understand this, we’d have to get into the dynamics of Yugoslavian nation building, which is partly responsible for this mess. The greater part of the blame lands directly in the lap of incompetent politicians wasting away Hellas. I’ll spare you the history of the failure of Hellas’ diplomacy. Its not the diplomats fault, mind you, it’s the lack of a strong state to provide back up to (most) diplomats who really want to see Hellas at the top.

Recently, when the Bush administration officially recognized FYROM as “Macedonia” all hell broke loose in Hellas. The government of the Hellenic Republic allegedly went through a phase of shock and awe before they recovered from this surprise assault by those evil Americans. Well now, Mr. Karamanlis, were you really surprised? I would not believe it. After all, the FYROMians (for lack of a better name) paraded in the Calatrava Stadium on August 13th, 2004 under the name "Macedonia". Why didn’t you say anything then? Why hasn’t anything been said for decades here?

I think that the FYROMians can call themselves anything they want. Sure, go ahead and call yourselves Macedonians, but distinguish yourselves from the Ancient Macedonians. In the same way Mexicans in Baja, California (Mexico) distinguish themselves from Californians in the U.S.A.

But what is the point of calling themselves Macedonians? To claim that they are the descendents of Megas Alexandros and the Macedonians of Ancient Hellas? No, the Slavs and other barbarian tribes butchered them. Well into the 20th century. The point of the whole Macedonia issue is the desires of an irredentist group of people who are of different ethnicities, but all have a vision of their being related to the Ancients. Tito sure knew how to build a nation. Manipulating the masses and their offspring in order that to make masses believe that the Hellenes butchered their people.Tito's legend lives on. As does Kemal's, but with a dangerous systematic precedent. If you disagree, read the following (in Ellinika) Mr. Fifth Columnist.

It's ON!

After some long months of trying to decide what exactly the purpose of this blog will be, I’ve come down to a decision. This blog will take a rational approach to Hellenism and international affairs. No dogmatism, no left-wing extremism, no right-wing extremism. All of these undermine the effort of true Hellenic patriots to unite and fight together against the force of American globalization. Or for lack of a better term, Americanism.

United, patriotism further the national interests. However, unification can only occur if we let go of historical myths propagated for the political purposes of 20th century ideologies, and face the reality of our past. Hellas is dying slowly but surely. So, step out of the mindset of arguing amongst Hellenes angry at their brothers for their bitter past. Forgive and forget about who was with the Junta or with ELAS guerillas. If they believed in Hellas and are proud to be Hellenes, then they are patriots.

United we will go after the Graecosaxons, fifth columnists, quislings, and the useful idiots spreading Americanism that destroys our cultural identity and replaces it with the worst aspects of the Hollywood culture. Leave the politics of left and right, and fight for Hellas’ future instead.

If the national cause can bridge the gap between fanatics of Panathinaikos, Olympiakos, AEK, and the alphabet soup of soccer clubs in order to support the National team, with much hope this phenomena can be mimiced in the realm of politics.